Monday, December 11, 2017

holiday look

dress c/o || nude heels || bracelet 1 + 2 || earrings (similar) || lipstick + liner

Ever since I was a little girl I got a new Christmas dress every year. My sister and I used to go with my Dad and pick the prettiest (usually velvet!) holiday dress we could find to wear on Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day night. It was a traditional that I continued on as an adult and it still is one of my favorite traditions to look forward too. This gorgeous red lace dress is this years Christmas Dress and I must say, I feel just as beautiful in it as I did twirling in my velvet dresses as a child. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Canadian Family Photos

 all boots c/o Kamik

Denim, plaid, boots.... does it get any more Canadian than that?

With it being our first holiday season living here in Canada we thought, hey might as well show everyone that the Canadian stereotype is, true! I'd say we are the cutest bunch of lumberjacks if I say so myself :)

Monday, November 6, 2017

kids fall style

Soaking up the last few days of the Autumn leaves has been our favorite thing to do. This is the first Fall season Sofia has gotten to experience, living in Arizona we barely had trees let alone trees that have leaves that change color and fall down! Besides the leaves falling another favorite part of Autumn has been the cozy sweater weather. Being able to bundle, layer, ad snuggle up in oversized sweaters is the best. A question I get asked often from people is, 'how is Sofia adjusting to the weather?' Well, she's loving it!

Friday, November 3, 2017

sweatshirt dress

sweatshirt dress // cardigan c/o // boots (old - similar)

When I was in Seattle I stopped in at the Nordstrom flagship store to see what I have been missing these last 5 months up here in the Okanagan. I came across this sweatshirt dress and instantly fell in love. I wasn't sure how practical it would be here since the weather is turning cold quickly but I took the chance and bought it anyways. Being cozy AND warm are two key factors that are making the adjustment to Fall a little easier and this outfit is both. Why have I never bought a sweatshirt dress before? These are a hit! 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Sofia's bedroom reveal

We have a special quest appearance today from a little miss who is more than excited to show off her own little Happy Place.  We have been hard at work trying to make Sofia her own little oasis where she can feel comfortable, spend her free time, and most importantly get a good nights sleep.  Her favorite color is pink (go figure!) but recently she likes to say it's teal so we tried to incorporate both colors as much as possible into her Happy Place!
Monday, October 30, 2017

snaps from Seattle

Monday, October 16, 2017

front porch; fall decor

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 

Ours was busy yet relaxing at the same time, does that even make sense? We spend all day Saturday working around the house and Stephen building a fence. We absolutely love living on the farm but there are so many more aspects to daily life that we are still getting used too. For instance, building fences to keep the neighbors cows out (anyone see my instastory from last week?) or the massive amount of mud that is constantly tracked through the house by my favorite four legged fur babes. 
Friday, October 13, 2017

burnt orange and ghost pumpkins

top c/o Chicwish // jeans (old - similar) // shoes (similar) // crossbody (similar) // sunnies 

Happy Friday! 

I am so excited for the weekend, it is the first weekend in a long time where I have no shoots or weddings scheduled! I get to catch up on house work (please explain to me how living in 800 sq ft still requires so much work?!) and finally organizing our storage area. Allllso we should be landscaping i.e. getting rid of all this mud and planting grass for next spring and if you caught my front porch peek on Instagram you'll notice I am doing some planing as well. I love Fall florals!
Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fall Uniform

jeans (old - similar) // tank // cardigan (similar) // boots (old - similar) // bag c/o Coach

If I could collect every color Autumn leaf there is I would have the most wonderful color pallet! We are slowly adjusting back to a regular week after a long Thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada.  With lots of turkey and of course cranberry sauce we are stuffed and moving slowly to say the least. Thank goodness for the season of oversized cardigans to keep us warm and cozy as we struggle to pull our life together bit by bit. 
Friday, October 6, 2017

5 tips for dressing your daughter

Happy Friday!

This is kind of a different post for me today but if you have been following on Instagram Stories  you would have seen these photos popping up each morning. Since I have been getting a lot of questions and feedback I thought I would give it a full post. Sofia has taken a liking to photographing her school outfit of the day. I am so lucky to have a little one who really doesn't care too much what I 'dress' her in and luckily she seems to love everything I pick out.  
Tuesday, October 3, 2017

super easy and simple peach pie for the non baker

I am so excited to write this post today! I accomplished a real life adult task, one I never thought I would but COULD do all on my own. My grandma was an amazing pie maker, her specialty was blueberry and it was incredible. Bake a pie you ask? Who has the time or the knowledge to do such a thing?
Monday, October 2, 2017

a little street style

 dress: old - similar // jacket c/o // shoes

Autumn has always been a favorite season of mine ever since I was a little girl. For the last 20 year (man, typing that makes me feel old!) I haven't gotten the chance to enjoy Autumn as living in Arizona there is no difference between Summer and Fall.... the temperature is still 100 degrees. THIS year is so different and we are so excited to be enjoying the weather change and even better the outfit changes. 
Friday, September 29, 2017

Our New Home

Here it is, the post I have been working on all summer and have been promising for some time now. If you are following me on Instagram or Snap Chat you know that we have been building a home here in British Columbia. I have posted numerous stories and some instagram photos for you. I tried to make a post during the process of the build but things were too hectic and trying to sort through photos was not happening. Today I am giving you all the run down on the details of our home build. 
Tuesday, September 26, 2017

peach picking

Hi again, it's me I am popping back in with a few posts for you. Wow, it was such a crazy summer I can't believe how fast and how much we did this summer. We are officially in our new home,  Sofia is back in school and life as we know it is trying to become normal. A new normal but a good normal. 

Last week Sofia had a Monday off school and while dad was working we went to an orchard and did some peach picking! With so many different outdoor activities available to us we decided to take advantage. Peach season is coming to an end (apples are in season now!) so we drove out to Paynter's fruit market and filled our bucket up with the last of the season while enjoying the last of summer.
Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Arrowleaf Cellers

dress c/o

Last Sunday Stephen + I decided to explore our new town and all it has to offer! The Okanagan Valley is the area in British Columbia where we now live (most popular known in blogger world because of Jillian Harris lives here) popular known to the rest of the world as Lake + Wine country. Yes, you read that correctly! When describing the Okanagan to people who have never been or heard of it I like to say it reminds me of Lake Tahoe meets Napa. Sounds incredible right? It is.  Needless to say we have lots of exploring to do!

Last week was my birthday, which we were camping for, but I had told Stephen I wanted to visit one of the 200+ vineyards that line the mountains surrounding us when we returned from camping. I love wine, Stephen on the other hand is not always a huge fan so I needed to pick a location that also had great food. Well, we found it! I can't wait to show you Arrowleaf Cellars, a winery only 15 minutes from our doorstep. Take a look....
Thursday, August 3, 2017

fall transition pieces you need

top c/o // shorts // bag (old - similar) // booties (old - similar) // sunnies // necklace (old - similar)

I never thought I would say this after we moved away from Arizona BUT who is with me on being ready for summer to be over? I can't believe I just typed those words but sadly it is true this year. I am ready for Fall, maybe its because we will actually have a full Fall season of leaves changing, comfy sweaters to be worn, and the boots... oh I am so excited for boots and booties! In Arizona, Fall weather didn't start happening until end of November so we missed the entire season. This year will be so SO different!

This gorgeoussss eyelet top came in the mail the other day! (if you watched my insta-stories you would have seen it in the unboxing I did) It is THE perfect Fall transition piece! I paired it with shorts for this post but I can't wait for a few more weeks to wear it with jeans. Ps it's on sale for under $40 and the quality is AMAZING!
Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Instagram Round-Up : Summer Style

Hello! Can you believe that we are already over half way through July?! I sure can't. And I would really appreciate if time slowed down since July is my birthday month and I am officially going to be into my 30's. WHAT!! 

I feel like a broken record when I say life has been busy, but really... way more busy than I had planned. I am sorry for the lack of new outfit posts BUT I have a great summer round up of 10 of my favorite go to summer looks from Instagram!
Friday, July 7, 2017

evening at the dog beach

I am mixing up the blog post today and skipping outfits all together. Instead, I am inserting a real life spontaneous family outing we had yesterday! I am talking no make up, no getting ready, no camera, this is the Puckett's in real life. And to tell you the truth, these are some of my most favorite photos  (all taken on my iPhone 6) we have ever taken together!

If you have been following on Insta-stories, we are up here in Canada building our new house! Its been such an amazing experience, and yes, I have promised a home post but gathering the photos has been so much work... I'll have it soon! The temperature has been hot, really hot for this time of year so we have been starting work at 7am and trying to finish a little earlier in the day. Yesterday it hit 100 degrees, everyone was grouchy and hot and tired! Stephen and I had taken our cars in for inspection to complete the last portion of importation process. The girl at the counter had asked if we had been going to the lake since it was so hot out, we answered no.  She knew we had dogs and told us about a great dog beach only about 7 minutes from our house that we would love.  Let's go! At 5:30 we threw on our swim suits, grabbed the dogs leashes, and piled in the car.  This was going to be fun since neither dog had ever gone swimming before!

Take a look at what memories were made...

^^ this is my favorite photo of the three kids swimming (left Coors, middle Levi, right Sofia). I am debating on photoshopping myself out and framing it! ^^

We weren't exactly sure how the dogs would react to the lake. Levi hates all types of water, the bath, the creek, anything he is usually not a fan. We got to the beach and found our own little area, the Levi to our surprise, walked right in immediately and starting paddling! It was the cutest thing, he started wagging his tail back and forth and using his front paws.  We were all cheering and laughing, he was a little Canadian beaver right off the bat. 

Coors on the other hand, we knew he would walk in the water but actually swim? Not sure. He was a little scared even once he saw Levi swimming around. I walked over and grabbed his collar to guide him in with me. (side note, Coors is a mama's boy all the way, so I knew once I was in the water and guided him to me he would eventually come) And he did, BUT it wasn't as graceful as we hoped. Coors was a flailing out of control pup! We were hysterically laughing while trying to guiding him at the same time. He would stand on his back legs and flail his arms! Once I got Coors to put his big ol booty up and kick his legs he eventually got the hang of it. 

It was an amazing evening for our family. Seeing the laugher on everyones face, seeing the dogs learning new tricks, seeing Sofia smile so big her cheeks hurt, all of it made our hearts warm with love. It is memories like this that I was to remember for a lifetime. We are having so many new experiences up here, documenting them is a must.  Even if just on my iPhone! I think I should probably get a waterproof case, anxiety of dropping my phone in the water was over the top. 

I had had questions before on the pups so here is  little about them. 
Levi: Chihuahua Corgi mix (we think!) he will be 3 on August 22, male, 20lbs
Coors: purebred Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) he will be 3 on December 13, male, 63lbs (he is oversized for his breed!)

Happy Weekend Everyone!
Saturday, July 1, 2017

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!

We are celebrating our first Canada Day as Canadian Residents! It is an extra big deal this year because Canada is turning 150 years old. If you ever think the USA has country spirit you need to think again. I have seen more maple leaf flags, red and white, and eh signs that I could ever have imagined!

Sofia is extra excited, she been collecting Canadian memorabilia for the last two weeks! Walking around waving that little maple leaf flag with such pride. I love seeing her adapt and learn all about her new country she now lives in. 

here are 5 things we have learnt our first month in Canada:

1. Taking family photos in the country is much more difficult than our paved neighborhoods in Arizona. Coors is about to take off any minute he sees a moving animal! I was driving out of the farm last week, windows down and Coors in the backseat. All of a sudden I hear a weird sounds so I whipped my head around and Coors has jumped out of the moving SUV and was running straight towards the horses.... insert eye roll!

2. You need to have a loonie (that is the Canadian dollar coin!) to get a grocery cart from the grocery store. Once you are finished you return the cart and you get your loonie back.  This stressed me out the first few times, now I have learnt to keep a few loonies in the dash of my car. 

3. Everything is in Kilometers here. Speed limit, how far away things are, just everything. Not usually a big deal except for my MPH is the larger number on the speedometer so I really have to watch my speed. And calculate the distance!

4. Gas is expensiveeeeee. I had a heart attack the first time I filled a full tank. On the opposite note, I have been driving on the same tank for almost two weeks and still have over half left. You win some, you loose some. 

5. Small towns are really the best. thing. ever! As much as I miss the connivence of living in a city you learn to do without. Or really not need it at all. Funny how when your options aren't available you don't think of it. 

I hope everyone has an amazing holiday weekend whether you are in Canada or the US of A! Enjoy your countries spirit, we sure are!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

chambray all the way

dress c/o // bag // shoes (old - similar) // sunnies

It is no secret that I love sundresses, I mean what girl doesn't? They are comfy, flattering, and easy peasy to throw on and head out the door! When this gorgeous chambray blue and white embroidered dress came to the door I immediately fell in love. The long sleeves are so cute but most of all I love the waist line that flares out a little on the bottom. Seriously, THE most flattering dress I own. I was afraid maybe it would look a little boxy but not. at. all!

This dress is under $50 and would look perfect with a bold red lip for the 4th of July! Since I am here in Canada we will be celebrating Canada Day on the 1st of July wearing our red and white... no blue this year!
Tuesday, June 13, 2017

sundress on a country road

dress // hat // shoes c/o // ring (old - similar)

Happy Wednesday, this week has been flying by for me! We have been staying super busy with the home build still going on (promise I will get a full post up soon! until then follow along on instastories!) we are spending every free moment we have working at it. The crazy thing about being so far north is that our summer nights are incredibly long. We still have full day light at 9:30 or 10:00 at night... what! Something we are totally not used too and it throwing our game way off!

On a fashion note, I bought this dress as I was leaving Arizona at Target for $29.99! I was so in love with the soft pink color of the material and the ruffled cold shoulder sleeves that it instantly stole my heart. For 30 bucks, I couldn't possibly say no! 
Monday, June 5, 2017

where the wildflowers grow

 lace dress (similar) // cardigan // denim jacket // bag // rain boots c/o
Sofia: dress // rain boots c/o 

When moving to Canada we knew there would be a few adjustments we would need to make. As much as we feel Canada is the same as the U.S., it is not. For starters, Canada has colorful money so we never get our bills mixed up! Second, we have different holidays, such as an extra day for Easter Monday, Thanksgiving is in October not November, and we get Boxing Day which is the day after Christmas. Finally the biggest adjustment for us when moving, especially from Arizona where it is sunny and hot 360 days a year, was weather. We now get 4 amazing seasons which also means we need 4 seasons of clothing and more importantly we need more than just sandals and flip flops!

Arriving in Spring this year, our wardrobes needed some updating. We still need to keep up with everyday life even if it happens to be raining or wet outside. Insert Rainbows, umbrella's, and layered clothing BIG TIME!
Friday, June 2, 2017

Home is Canada!

Oh gosh, what a whirlwind the last few weeks have been! I apologize for the lack in posts, we are finally starting to get settled here in our new town. If you have been following on instagram, you know we have moved from Arizona to British Columbia, Canada last week! (if you missed the announcement post, you can read it here). 

I haven't taken the time to talk much about my personal life lately so I thought with all the down time, and lack of outfits I have been able to shoot, I would take this Friday to give the new readers and my old ones a little background on what has been going on with me. Life has sure been crazy the last few years, first off I can't believe how fast time is passing... June 2017, really?

If you are a loyal reader from the start you know I started Classic & Bubbly as an outlet from my then day job. During the 6 years I have had C&B I've been able to start my own Photography company, Stesha Jordan Photography and take Classic & Bubbly on full time. It has seriously been a dream! Being behind the lens and in front, I have loved every minute. C&B turned more fashion and beauty related as I continued through the years. 3 years ago, I met Stephen who had a beautiful 4 year old daughter, Sofia. Fast forward to now, we are married (celebrated our 1st anniversary in April!) and now have recently moved, the three of us and our pups, to British Columbia, Canada. 

Hoping to keep up with C&B as much as I used too as a single gal has been more of a struggle than I was expecting. With an active 7 year old full time and two pups running the house, high heels and purses have had to take a bit of a back burner. I am hoping to bring more lifestyle and the family to C&B to share as much as possible, or as much as Stephen and I think is appropriate. Life has changed here for me, A LOT, so naturally to keep authentic the blog has and will be changing too!

We decided to make the move back to my hometown in the Okanagan Valley in BC as soon as we got married. Wanting to give our children the BEST childhood possible which was just not happening in Arizona. The stars alined for us in so many ways, honestly our dream we spoke about each night never really seemed to be possible. Until it was! Then, everything moved fast, 4.5 months fast. From the date we sent in our application to the residency visa's in hand for both Stephen and Sofia. Life as we knew it was about to get good, real good!

We landed in the Okanagan on May 24th, the best day ever! We drove to The Farm, where I grew up as a child and where my grandfather (who has now passed it down to my father) still owns 20 acres. It was such an amazing day with laughter, photos, fun, excitement, and love. I will never forget that day! (photos at bottom from the arrival day. I am not sure who is happier on The Farm...Sofia, Levi or Coors.... all of them just run until they drop!)

Other exciting news that I am going to be incorporating into my posts is.... we are building a house!  You guessed it, on The Farm! If you follow on snap (SteshJordan) you have probably seen the updates. We are SO so excited to have our own little country farm house on an old dirt road. Until the house is ready we are staying with my mom (insert craziness) but we wouldn't have it any other way!

So there you have it, HOME is Canada! We are so excited to be here. As we walk the fields daily  we think how lucky we are to have it. I will keep these updates coming, I know lots is changing around here but all for the BEST! 

ps. this sweatshirt was a gift from my soul sister and cousin when we arrived home as a welcome home gift. It is Canadian made by a company called Peace Collective!

Friday, May 12, 2017

the best Spring shoes

Hello! Sorry it has been so long since the last post, we are moving in one week (insert panicked freak out!) so things have been.... well, stressful. Moving in general is stressful but moving countries is an entire new level. Needless to say we are just ready to be gone and start the summer up in Canada. I have been going through my closet these past few days getting rid of a ton of clothes. We are moving to a small town, and the weather is not nearly the same as it is in Arizona. I have been stocking up on items like shoes, flat sandals, more jeans, and little cover ups since its a little county town no need for 30 pairs of heels and tight dresses. For Sofia I have been doing the same, laying clothes, and lots of shoes/boots. She will be running in the fields, mud, and spending almost all her time outdoors so proper footwear is going to be a must. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Instagram Round Up: Spring Season

It has been a hot minute since I have done an Instagram round up for you! Since Spring is in full swing all over the country I put together some of my favorite Spring looks for you to browse. PLUS, so many items are on sale (score!!) like this go-to gray cross body, or this light and cozy cardigan, and these favorite block heels I LOVE. Also, some of my favorite every day items now come in multiple colors like; this pocket tee (only $24 and comes in a variety of colors!) or this blouse cami which now comes in over 10 colors and is only $30. Plus my new obsession bag in blush (also comes in 2 other colors now!) so many great options to spruce your closet. 

90% of these items are under $100 and 75% are under $50! 

Monday, April 17, 2017

we are excited to announce....

...... we are moving to Canada!

It has been a long road to get to this point, but the stars started to align in so many ways we never thought possible. The dreams we had, the dreams we have been working so hard to get to, they are becoming reality NEXT month. We still have to pinch ourselves every once in a while to make sure aren't dreaming anymore and this is actually happening! 

why Canada?

My entire family lives in British Columbia, Canada. I was born and raised in central BC, Okanagan, where my family still is. After Stephen and I decided to get married we knew it would be a goal to one day move to BC and continue to raise our family. 

what will we miss about Arizona?

Oh there are so many things! Most importantly we are going to miss Stephen's family! His parents and one of his brothers (and his family!) live in Arizona. We can't wait for them to come visit us in Canada! Other things we will miss: TARGET!!! What will I do without target?! The variety of restaurants and for Stephen all his fast food restaurants he loves so much. I am going to miss the beautiful desert and sun everyday, but we are excited to have actual seasons. We will also miss the the easy accessibility to almost everything being here in a huge city. It will be an adjustment going to a small town,  dealing with weather issues, and learning to cook each night but we are up for the challenge!

what does this mean for C&B?

As most of my blog content is focused around Fashion and Style I am going to do my best to try and keep that up...however the mall in our new town is not very mall-ish. The closest actual mall is an hour from me, and the closest Nordstrom is 4 hours... what!!! So I know there will be some adjustments in this area as well. I am going to do my best to give updates on how the move is going for us, our life getting settled in a new area, and all other parts of life. So I ask that you stay with me and be patient as we take on this adventure and see how the blog plays along!

what about my Stesha Jordan Photography company?

Yes, that will continue! I am excited to already be working as soon as we arrive. The Okanagan (the area of BC we will be moving) is gorgeous and their wedding industry is huge! As much as I am going to miss the beautiful desert landscape, I am excited to be able to photograph lakes side weddings, wineries, and the incredible forest. You can follow along on that journey as well if you would like here on my website or here on instagram! Will I be back to Arizona?! Heck YES! For all of my amazing clients in Arizona I will be retuning twice a year, Fall and Spring to still capture your special moments. My Fall dates are already book, so email me for booking info: 

Thank you all for being such amazing and loyal readers of Classic & Bubbly! It has been amazing to write over the years and share my life with you all. I am even more excited to share this huge adventure that we, as a family are taking on! If you have any question about moving countries we have quickly become experts haha! The process has been long, tiring, and stressful but the hard part is over (well half way over!) and the fun part is about to begin!

outfit details: dress, booties

photos by: Larissa Jean Photography