Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Canadian Family Photos

 all boots c/o Kamik

Denim, plaid, boots.... does it get any more Canadian than that?

With it being our first holiday season living here in Canada we thought, hey might as well show everyone that the Canadian stereotype is, true! I'd say we are the cutest bunch of lumberjacks if I say so myself :)

Typically in Arizona we would wear jeans, boots, and long sleeves just to sweat to death. Well, let me tell you the process for these photos. The first time we attempted the photos it snowed 8 inches, the second time it rained... all day! So, I decided to add an extra layer under our outfits and told the family to pretend we were back in Arizona sweating instead of freezing our butts off! Oh, how times have changed. 

My family is not the easiest to convince to participate in these types of photos. I made the mistake of planning the shoot on a Sunday (my husband does not participate in anything other than the NFL on Sundays) because that was after all, the only day it was 40 degrees and no rain in the forecast.  Not pictured in these photos is Stephen watching the Cardinals game on his phone and angrily glaring at me for making him do this. Hope you enjoy!

In the past we have relied on a tripod and self timer to take our photo but this year we convinced (or tricked!) my sister into coming over and being our camera holder. Next time we ask her I should probably have a Starbucks or  diamonds as a bribe! Trying to get the three of us to smile at the camera is worst than pulling teeth, not the easiest task to accomplish but I think she did pretty dang good job!

here are 5 tips to help your family take fun candid frame worthy photos:

1.  plan your outfits in advance! AND make sure you feel comfortable in them. I have always wanted to do extremely dressy photos but I know that Stephen would feel very uncomfortable in that setting so I tend to keep the clothing casual and comfortable. 
2. don't worry about always looking and smiling at the camera. some of my favorite photos of our family is when we are laughing at each other or making funny faces!
3. I love movement in the photos. walkings, laughing, twirling.... action shots are a great way to capture the moment. 
4. talk the photos up to the family a few days in advance. Sofia is always super excited for a few days leading to the shoot so when the big day comes she is ready and excited! Stephen needs a few days to mentally prepare so he's not a grouch monster that day.
5. just have fun! when you have children and dogs and a grumpy husband you have to have fun with it. being tressed or angry will show on everyones faces, laugh it off and stress about it later!

Side note, these photos are extra special because they are taken right on our property. This is just off the side of our drive way as you pull up to our home!

If you love our Canadian outfits you can find the detail below





AmyKofoed said...

They turned out so good! I feel like your description of your hubby is exactly mine..not because football is on, but because he hates being in front of the camera! Lol!

Faith said...

Hahaha, the little behind the scene that you shared is classic. Why do most men hate the camera?! But these turned out beautiful! Lovely family :)

DTKAustin said...

These photos are absolutely adorable!! You all look so cute!!!

Candace Hampton said...

I love how y'all are all wearing plaid, but they're not all exactly matching. It's such a unique set of holiday photos. What a beautiful family!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful fam! You don't look cold at all, so well done hiding it!

taylor said...

These photos are so cute! Y'all look so adorable :)

Nita said...

I love how your family photos turned out--so glad the pups are in it too!

Amy said...

yall look so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Loving these cozy winter vibes with the plaid and boots!! Y’all look absolutely precious!
XOXO, Cassie Rea

Lauryncakes | Lauryn Hock said...

What an adorable family! I love that you included the dogs, because they are family too!