Monday, June 5, 2017

where the wildflowers grow

 lace dress (similar) // cardigan // denim jacket // bag // rain boots c/o
Sofia: dress // rain boots c/o 

When moving to Canada we knew there would be a few adjustments we would need to make. As much as we feel Canada is the same as the U.S., it is not. For starters, Canada has colorful money so we never get our bills mixed up! Second, we have different holidays, such as an extra day for Easter Monday, Thanksgiving is in October not November, and we get Boxing Day which is the day after Christmas. Finally the biggest adjustment for us when moving, especially from Arizona where it is sunny and hot 360 days a year, was weather. We now get 4 amazing seasons which also means we need 4 seasons of clothing and more importantly we need more than just sandals and flip flops!

Arriving in Spring this year, our wardrobes needed some updating. We still need to keep up with everyday life even if it happens to be raining or wet outside. Insert Rainbows, umbrella's, and layered clothing BIG TIME!

These purple wildflowers grow on the side of the road alllll over the town! (I am seriously obsessed with them, you can see more photos from our visit to Canada last year in this post) Sofia has been eyeing these flowers ever since we arrived. Asking to play in them daily, I finally gave in last week when we were on our way to the garden center. She LOVED it! Running and jumping I could help but smile. We have been in the desert so long and for Sofia her entire life, so this green trees and flower thing is new. 

We picked out some fabulous flowers for our new home when it is ready. Sofia decided on lots of pink (of course!) white, and a garden! We want to grow our own strawberries, cucumbers, zucchini, and tomatoes. I am sure there will be more but this a good start. :)

When we arrived at my moms house 2 weeks ago, our new Kamik Rain Boots were already waiting for us! Kamik had reached out prior to our moved knowing our plans to relocate and also knowing Spring had been rainier than usual. We were definitely going to be needing boots! Thank goodness they did, because these have saved our lives the las couple of weeks. With just a few rain storms here and there it hasn't been terrible but with wet fields and grass and gardens we have been wearing them all. the. time! I must say, I love my Hunters but these Kamik boots may have just taken 1st place, they are SO comfortable. Made here in Canada, Sofia was excited to open the box with the big red maple leaf sticker on it that said "made in Canada!'. 


Mrs. L said...

Canada is beautiful, enjoy your new home! You and your stepdaughter look beautiful, and that flower/garden shop is lovely!


Unknown said...

these photos are stunning! I had no idea y'all moved to Canada, that's awesome!


Unknown said...

These photos are so gorgeous! Love all the wildflowers!

Unknown said...

Die for this shoot! It's my favorite ever.


Megan said...

Stunning photos!! Looks like you're adjusting well!

co megan

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

OMG these shots are everything. You both look adorable! Love her braid!

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining

Unknown said...

These photos are beautiful! You both look so cute!

samantha said...

what a beautiful place! This pictures are amazing! xoxo

Bella B said...

Its just adorable that you are both in wellies! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Those flowers!!!! These pics are great!!

Cristin |

angelle said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Love these shots!!


Larissa @ Living in Color | A Lifestyle Blog said...

Super adorable, lady!