Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Sofia's bedroom reveal

We have a special quest appearance today from a little miss who is more than excited to show off her own little Happy Place.  We have been hard at work trying to make Sofia her own little oasis where she can feel comfortable, spend her free time, and most importantly get a good nights sleep.  Her favorite color is pink (go figure!) but recently she likes to say it's teal so we tried to incorporate both colors as much as possible into her Happy Place!

When making the move up to Canada and during the building process I knew the exact dimensions of her room which helped with planning ahead.  This white canopy bed (similar) was actually my old bed from when I was younger. It had been sitting in my moms garage for the past 10 years, so when we pulled it out and dusted it off,  a bunch of warm feelings came rushing back. It was a bit big for the room, more so than we had planned but we improvised, I mean who needs a bed side table anyways?! 

Another feature we needed that was a must were book shelves! With a small room and an over sized bed I knew we had to get creative. I had these white shelves in our last home as a gallery wall full of photo frames. I decided to stack them one top of each other and place her books in the groves. It worked perfectly! Sofia is such a little reader. She reads allll the time. We don't allow tablets or iPads often so in her free time the kid reads as many books as possible.  I even found a few boxes of my own books form when I was a kid, we change the books out monthly so she never runs out of new stories!

Shopkins is a phenomenon taking over little girls everywhere. Sofia has been obsessed with collecting her Shopkins for years now. She has a full box of them she gets out and plays around with, now she can sleep on her very own Shopkin bedding! She is so good at keeping her room clean and making her bed every morning (mostly because someone asks her too!) and having a room she loves makes those chores much more enjoyable for her to do. 

Shopkins Happy Place pillow / purple pillow/ quilt set / jewelry box all c/o  Moose Toys



Unknown said...

Aw! She is so cute! This is perfect!

Unknown said...

Aw! She is so cute and this is perfect girls room!

Carolyna Bauer said...

This is so adorable!! I love the letters and all the decorations!

Unknown said...

aw her room is just adorable! really loving how cute it is :)

Sarah Lindner

Maggie said...

Oh my goodness what a cute little room! It is so adorable!

Kim said...

It turned out SO cute! I love the bookshelves and the pom poms around that frame. Such a great big girl room.


Stephani said...

She is so adorable and her room is so cute!! Love the bookshelves!! Great and doesn’t take up room!!

Xo, Steph

Michelle Zavodny said...

So cute! I love the bookshelves!

Debbie Savage said...

I love love love her room! It is so beautifully designed and styled! xo

Jamaria Johnson said...

Awww! Such a cute little space for an even cuter little one! I love it!

Jamaria |

Kristina @ Medicine and Manicures said...

What a precious girly bedroom, she has quite the library!

Xo, Kristina

Amanda Kruse said...

Her room is so cute! I am loving the mix of pink and blue!

Amanda ||

Unknown said...

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