Monday, October 30, 2017

snaps from Seattle

Last weekend we headed to Seattle to celebrate Stephen's birthday. Neither him nor I have spent any real time in Seattle besides just passing through and since Sofia had what we call in Canada a pro-d day (where the teachers get a day to catch up on work and attending meetings) we decided to take a little mini trip down to the great Pacific North West. The city was amazing! We enjoyed exploring, seeing the old buildings, and well, of course the weather played its part. We arrived Friday at noon and received about 3 hours of bright sunlight, although super windy, and then the rest of the time we received nothing but rain. All day, little rain drops constantly spitting on our faces. We pushed through but as you can tell from these photos the atmosphere was a little gloomy BUT that didn't stop us from enjoying our trip!

where we stayed:

The Fairmont Olympic Hotel in downtown Seattle. This hotel is located off of 4th Ave and University which is right in the center on downtown. The hotel was incredible! Built in 1924 the hotel is not known for its views, although not far from Pikes Place Market or the ocean there are hundreds of buildings build all around it. For that reason the Olympic Hotel concentrated on the interior of their rooms and the grand lobby. Absolutely breath taking! We stayed in a Executive King Suit which was perfect. It has two rooms which were separated by a oversized sliding barn door with the king bed in one room and a pull our Sofa in the other. If you are traveling with kids (or on your own) I highly recommend the Fairmont Olympic, its close to everything, cozy, and the beds are like clouds!

what we did:

We had 2 days to spend in the great rainy city so we put our walking shoes on and got to exploring. 

Pikes Place Market: We absolutely loved walking though the market gazing at all the craft booths, Stephen and I both agreed the crafts at the market were not just ordinary crafts at local farmers markets they were all impeccably done, we picked up a few souvenirs and gifts! We watched the famous throwing of the fish (Sofias favorite), we of courses walked through the bubble gum wall alley (which in the rain is probably a little more gross and germy than it would be in a sunny day!), and we enjoyed just being in the market. You could really spend hours walking up and down!

Bremerton Ferry: On Saturday it was raining all day, I mean all day. Seattle is such a lovely city but when you have children walking and exploring in the rain is less than desirable. We had heard the Bremerton Ferry ride took you through the channels around little islands and up to a place called Bremerton. $8 for adults and $4.15 for kids (round trip) we decided what the heck lets give it a go. It was also Sofia's first time on a ferry so she was all about it. The ride is 60 minutes over and 60 minutes back, a little long but didn't feel it. We watched for sea otters swimming and rolled over th incredible homes along the ocean side. 

Shopping: Better believe I was not coming to the great city of Seattle, location of the Nordstrom Flagship Store and not going shopping. On Saturday evening after we returned home from the ferry ride, I left everyone at the hotel for a nap and mama went shopping. Just a few blocks (11 minute walk) I headed down to Nordstrom. All of the stores are mostly in one general area. Anthropology, Loft, Old Navy, Nordstrom AND Nordstrom Rack, Urban Outfitters.... you get the point! I had a few hours to myself of non interrupted shopping time. 

where we ate:

Walking through the streets we were passing the coolest wine bars, under ground bars, and trendy restaurants however we needed something that was kid friendly. Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions, Stephen and I decided next trip would just be the two of us so we can try all the fun bars and restaurants everyone suggested. So the big questions was, where to eat with kids?

For the City where Starbucks originated in, there sure are a variety of different boutiquey coffee shops and bakeries on every corner, you could never run out of coffee in this place!
Daily Dozen Donuts: located in Pikes Market (right across from the throwing of the fish) we stopped and got the freshest homemade donuts you could ask for, I highly recommend the cinnamon, they literally melt in your mouth
Starbucks: since my family likes to sleep their lives away I would get up and fetch myself a salted carmel mocha and since their is a Starbucks on every corner getting my hands on one was fairly easy! 
Original Starbucks: located also down by Pikes Market we had to go to the Original Starbucks! How could you go to Seattle and not stop by the Original Starbucks. Tip* we went on a Saturday morning while browsing the marketplace and the line was forever long SO we went back after dinner on Saturday night around 8:15pm and there was virtually no one in the store. We all got some hot chocolates and even got to sit at the tall bar counter.

We only had lunch one day and to be honest it was kind of a bust. When we decided to take the Ferry over to Bremerton we looked up and saw their was a delicious Hawaiian restaurant just arocrss the street from the terminal called Kama'Aina Grill. We were so excited to give it a try as we love have a huge love for Hawaiian food just to get there (in the rain!) and discover they were on an hour wait. Bummer! We were cold and wet so we walked around the corner and ate at the Asian restaurant called Chungs Express, which as decent but not what we were hopping for. 

The Pike Brewing Company: Located in Pikes Place Market the brewing company was a cute little restaurant downstairs. The meals were of great size, I had a delicious quesadilla (my favorite) and Stephen loved his kilt lifter Mac N Cheese. Not too pricy and definitely a good choice if you are a family!
Ohana Restaurant + Sushi Bar: Staying on our Hawaiian kick Stephen found Ohana's family restaurant and sushi bar. This was a toss up on quality, the sushi is amazing but the rest of the food was mediocre. Not sure if our expectations were too high or if we were sick of being rained out but our conclusion as Ohana was a little too over priced for the quality of food we received. However the Kona Beer hit the spot!

If you are headed to Seattle in the fall, such as October like we did, remember it will be rainy! A few tip for embracing the city with kids:

- Dress in layers: This helps with both the rain and the wind. There is nothing worse than a cold wet child when walking in a city like this
- Bring rain boots: Sofia and I wore our rain boots mostly at night when the wind picked up and the rain would blow sideways!
- Umbrellas: The hotels have umbrellas for you but always remember your own!
- Buy a board game: Friday night it was rainy and cold after dinner, we stopped by Target and bought a board game to play back at the hotel. We had so much fun sipping our hot chocolate and playing mouse trap
- The Aquarium: Located down on the ocean front we looked at going to the aquarium but decided on the ferry ride instead, this could be a great option in the rain!
- Let the family nap: If it is raining usually the kids and hubs are grouchy anyways, this is when I used my time to go shopping! I let them sleep and I took off for a few hours on my own then met up for dinner. 

We sure enjoyed Seattle, can't wait for a trip next year!


Dominique Baker said...

Really beautiful shots! Your daughter is such a cutie too! I just love Seattle. I'm Canadian, and it reminds me so much of beautiful Vancouver. Loved Puget Sound and of course, the landmark flagship Nordstrom store!!

Britt+Whit said...

ahh yes! I am based in Seattle and I LOVE seeing all your snaps. I hope you guys had a blast! Looks like you hit all the good spots :)


Unknown said...

I've been dying to go to Seattle! Looks so fun!

Sandy a la Mode said...

Ahhh we are going back to visit next year before we go on an Alaskan cruise, I can't wait!!!

Liz said...

Such a fun trip! I'm dying to go!


Kelly said...

We'll be visiting Seattle next summer, and can't wait to make the trip!

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Kachet of The Kachet Life said...

Seattle is amazing and I haven't been in so long! Now I'm jonesin for a trip. :) Great snaps!

Unknown said...

Your trip looks amazing! SO many fun things to do!

Unknown said...

Looks like such a great trip!

Xo, Nina
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January Hart said...

Seattle is so on my list of places to visit! Love that you made this one a kid-friendly guide!

annette said...

I love Seattle. Such a fun and beautiful city to visit!

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