Thursday, March 29, 2018

tips to shopping with your daughter

Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and H&M and have
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Today's post is an exciting one, one we have been looking forward to sharing with you! As we have anxiously been awaiting Spring to arrive we have had LOTS of time to go through last years Spring wardrobes to see what still fits (and what we still like... mostly on my end!). One major difference with living somewhere that has 4 full seasons is that we put away half our clothes every 6 months. When we pull the storage containers out it is fun to see what we have been missing, and in Sofia's case what no longer fits anymore (insert a mix of emotions, cliche they grow up so fast!).  Today we have partnered with H&M and H&M Kids to bring you their newest Spring line, which is seriously SO good. We love H&M for the entire family, its an easy and affordable place to stock up on new trends. 

Shopping can definitely be overwhelming, I feel like this often. When I started shopping for Sofia I was really excited at first, I mean kids really do have THE cutest clothes. But over the years as she grew, had more of an opinion of what she wanted to wear, and prices became higher I found myself getting a bit overwhelmed. When I discovered the huge selection of kids clothes at H&M I was over the moon and relieved, their clothes are adorable and really affordable. Plus, I feel they portray  positive messages and styles for young girls. Today's post is going to talk about tips for shopping with your daughter and how you can build confidence and self esteem in the experience!

tips to shopping with your daughter and how you can build their confidence and self esteem

If you have been a follower of my blog for some time it is no secret that I love clothes, so naturally I really love cute children clothes! However I make it a priority to Sofia to portray healthy and confident choices when picking out clothes. I am totally that parent that says no to bikini's + shirts that say 'take a selfie'. Modest, positive messages and styles are my go to, after all they grow up too fast as is! 

- Talk to your child and see what kind of clothes they like. This is so important because if they don't like their clothes they won't were them and you will feel frustrated that you spent so much money on things that just hang in their closets. After all kids aren't like adult they rip the tags off immediately because they are 'scratchy' so returns are usually off the table. I know Sofia will either like A) pretty dresses or B) she wants comfy pants and cozy sweaters. 

- Ask them how the clothes feel when wearing them. I have learned just because they like that tutu dress or the sequin jacket doesn't mean they will wear it! Sofia never used to wear jeans, she always preferred leggings because they were more comfortable. At the age of 8, leggings aren't pants so we started looking at jeans, extra stretch jeans that is. They feel almost like leggings but obviously have more material and coverage than leggings. I also know she likes the feeling of soft sweaters, not itchy ones. Therefore as cute as the sequin sweater is she mostly likely won't wear it, however a big oversized cozy knit sweater she won't take off!

- Know your kids size! This is probably the most overwhelming part of shopping for parents until you find the stores or styles that fit best for your kid. Once you find something that works stick with it!  Sofia wears 80% H&M pants because they have the adjustable waist lines which is key when you have a growing child. She is thin yet long, so I need adjustable waist and long slim legs. The jumper she is wearing is one size smaller than her jeans, it doesn't have an adjustable waist (so is naturally wider) and is a one piece so will run a bit longer. Also with the elastic bunch hem line on the pant legs she will be able to wear them as capris as she grows taller. 

- Nice doesn't have to be expensive. I don't know how many people look at me and say, 'wow, I can't imagine how much you spend on her clothes' and I just give a little chuckle. I do NOT buy Sofia expensive clothes, like ever. Maybe on a special occasion or if it is a staple item that she will wear all season long. I try to keep her items all under $20 and usually $15 if I can. Her items in todays post are all under $20 except for her rose gold rain jacket which is around $30. Her little flower dress is under $6 and she owns about 4 of them. You can dress them up with a cute denim coat, or wear them as a weekend sundress to run in the fields. The best part is if she stains (like most kids do) her clothes it's only $6 not $60!

Have fun and make sure your daughter does too! Since moving to the Okanagan we don't have a huge selection of stores available for us to go shopping together. Many times we revert to online shopping or when we make a trip to a city I always make sure to try and stop in and do a few try on sessions. Sofia (as most kids) is not a huge fan of spending massive amount of time trying on clothes so typically I go shopping when she and Stephen either nap or catch a movie. When I have spent the time searching and picking out the clothes I know she needs I will have her come by and  choose her favorites from the pile! This allows her to still feel like she is choosing what she likes but saves you the stress of dealing with antsy children while in a busy store. It also eliminates the feelings of let down on her part when she walks up to you with the $50 rainbow party dress that she LOVES but you know will wear once, when affordable clothes for school was the priority. 

H&M is offering 20% off your Kids purchase when you spend $60 or more from March 22 - April 8 in store or April 6 - 8 online! It is a great time to stock up on all the Spring trends and save big. Shopping shouldn't be stressful on you or your child, it should be a fun way for them to display their personality and you to have a great time together.  Body imagine is so important starting from when they are young, make it a positive experience for everyone! 

shop the looks below:


Anna E. Fox said...

It looks like you two have SO much fun together!

Emily said...

Well these photos are just adorable!! I love H&M- they always have such cute affordable items!

Rachel said...

All of these outfits are SO freakin' cute! I wish these pieces were available when I was her age!

Unknown said...

This is such a cute post, I love it!! I love spending time with my daughter and going shopping!

cute & little

Lizzie said...

This is such a cute post! I love all of her little outfits!


Kimberly said...

Your daughter is so beautiful! As the mom of a teen, I totally agree with the tips you shared here. We've had a few tearful moments in dressing rooms and I've used those opportunities to remind her that she is beautiful just as she is!

Jamaria O. Johnson said...

Your daughter is so cute! I don’t have any kids yet, but I definitely hope to have a daughter to shop with one day! Xo

Unknown said...

The two of you are so cute and I love all the looks!!!

xo, Laura

Shira said...

I shop with my sister who’s 17 years younger than me- great tips!

Unknown said...

Love these tips! I hope I have a little girl to go shopping with one day!

Unknown said...

Such great tips.. she looks adorable!!

roxyturtle said...

She looks so adorable in both of her outfits! I love these tips and am going to send this post to a few friends of mine who are Moms to daughters -- I am sure they will appreciate this guidance.

Unknown said...

Great tips babe and love your outfits! xx

Danasia Fantastic said...

You both look so adorable! These are awesome tips.

Unknown said...

These pictures are absolutely stunning!

A Lacey Perspective

Amanda @ A Good Hue said...

This is adorable! I've always wanted a daughter JUST so I can shop at H&M Kids--- they have the cutest pieces!

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