Sunday, March 10, 2019

A Baby Shower in Celebration of our Lyla


A couple weeks ago we had a little shower in celebration of Lyla's entrance to the world. We had another shower back in Arizona before Lyla was born (I never pulled together a blog about it but you might remember this instagram post with some photos!) and now that Lyla has made her entrance we had a shower here at home. My great friend Jen, hostessed the most beautiful rose inspired day and it was truly incredible!

A big part of a shower seems to be the registry, which can definitely be overwhelming. At our shower in Arizona we received lots of beautiful outfits, blankets, and little things we could bring home in our suit cases.  When I started  to think about our registry here I knew I needed to put actual items that were a necessity not just cutesy clothes. Since Lyla has been born my eyes have been opened to what items we were lacking so I turned to Amazon to create our registry. It is super simple to set up and allows for friends and family to ship the items directly to our home if need be. Plus the market place has so many different retailers and options you can get almost anything you need!

This is my mom, also known as Gigi. She loves her granddaughters!

How beautiful are all these little details?! Jen seriously went up and beyond to making the shower just perfect for us. She made the floral arrangements, the beautiful wreath, and she even replaced her family photos with ours in frames! Seriously so elegant and full of love, I am very thankful for such a special day. 

Here is Jen and her beautiful daughter Gracen who is Sofias little bff. They are the most amazing ladies and have been such fabulous friends to us. We are so thankful to have them in our life!

A few top items we had put on our registry were from Fisher-Price®. We are so lucky to have partnered with them in this experience and received just what we were looking for to help us be ready for success with Lyla Rose! A big fear of mine is that Lyla would be a fussy sleeper which would keep Sofia up at night time. Since our home is so small any little noise can be heard. As a new mom I really waned to make sure Lyla was ready for snuggles and prepared for sleep,  that was key!  Below are some of our top items we have received from Fisher-Price®, all Lyla approved! 

  • Fisher-Price® Sweet Snugapuppy  Dreams Cradle n Swing:  Since Lyla has had her days and nights mixed up she has been spending much time in her swing to try and switch those around! She loves a good snuggle and the swing helps make her feel safe and sound to get those mid day snoozes in. We placed it in the corner of our living room by the big bay window so lots of light shines bright, although that doesn't seem to make a difference. The swing has a couple different swinging positions, 16 songs choices, and Lyla's favorite, the crickets and owl white noise sound. Now that she is starting to see a bit more clear she loves the rotating mobile and reflective mirror to look at herself!

  • Fisher-Price® Music & Lights Elephant:  We are so excited to receive this sound machine and night light. Since Lyla is sleeping in our room we needed a night light for those middle of the night feedings and diaper changes. We don't want to turn on a bright lamp or the over head lights but at the same time we need to see a little of what is going on. This cute little elephant fits right on her shelf in the corner of our room and provides the perfect amount of light for what we need. It also plays over 20 musical lullabies and a white noise, ocean and nature sounds. You can set the time on the elephant anywhere from 20 minutes to 120 depending on how long you want the sound to go for!

  • Fisher-Price® Soothing Motions Bassinet: This bassinet has been wonderful for Lyla in so many ways. The vibration mode helps with her relaxation and the nightlight gives off just enough light for my constant checks to make sure she's okay (first time mom problems!) and still breathing. There is also a projector light in the shape of stars that shines on the roof which is 100% her favorite feature. She absolutely loves Sofia's twinkle lights she has all around her room and now Lyla Rose has some of her own to stare at!  

Having these items has really made our transition this past month easier than we expected. Being a new parent it is important to feel comfortable and be ready for whatever comes your way! Having the confidence to take care of your little ones means the world and these items have given us just that. Here is to many more sleep filled nights and snuggly days in our future!

* Thank you to Fisher-Price® for sponsoring this post, as always all opinions and statements are my own!


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