Monday, February 25, 2019

one month recap and Lyla Rose's newborn photos

Lyla Rose is almost one month old (ahhh!) so I thought it was time I finally got her newborn photos up to share! We took these the first week home from the hospital, funny how those first couple of days are a blur yet the best days ever. The mix of adrenaline and exhaustion almost makes those first few days seem so far away and each day she gets older I want nothing more than to remember her just the way she was!

This photo below is by far my favorite photo ever taken of our family! I can't believe after 5 years of taking family photos we finally have our little angel baby here in my arms. She has made this family's hearts so full of love!

a little recap of our first month together:

- the pups are taking their role as protectors very seriously in the house. Levi doesn't like to leave her side often and when we have been out of the house too long he lets me know he's not happy about his baby being gone! 
- our days and nights have been a bit mixed up, Lyla loves to sleep the day the away and have her awake time from 10pm-1am
- she doesn't cry too often (now that we have fixed the diaper rash) but when she's is upset she has this high pitched screech that makes everyone in the house stop and take note!
- everyones argues about who gets to push "their" baby in the stroller! we went to the Kelowna mall one day and Sofia and Stephen were both arguing about pushing "their" stroller so I swooped in and took it away... yep we were that family walking the mall all with one hand each on the stroller
- Sofia is an amazing big sister, grabbing the dirty diapers and throwing them away, offering to get me anything anytime, and coming in at 6am in the morning when Lyla is crying soothing her by sining. we couldn't be more lucky to have her!
- going anywhere takes about 4 times longer than it used too. especially in the snow and cold weather.... someone get me Spring asap please!
- we have one smily newborn on our hands! we get a big smile after feeding, when we sing to her or Eric Church is playing, or when her daddy talks to her. 

that's a little life recap for now, check back later this week for our baby shower post and some of our favorite baby item!


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Oh what adorable photos she is so damn cute and so precious too boot, the dogs will be super protective of her as she grows up

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