Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Road Trip - Vancouver

I had plans to write these travel post as we were out on the road but I underestimated the difficulty and honestly the exhaustion I would have when traveling with a new born, a 9 year old and two pups. SO instead of trying to blog while we traveled I made it a priory to document via photos and now that we are home I have plenty of time to write a little recap on all of our destinations! Going through and creating these posts is the best because it takes me back to those fun filled (and entertaining!) days we had! Enjoy the journey of what was Puckett RoadTrip 2019 

Part One: Vancouver, BC Canada March 18th, 2019

where we stayed: The Sylvia Hotel
When trying to find a pet friendly hotel in Vancouver we had really easy luck! There is actually a website called Bring Fido which allows you to search pet friendly hotels, restaurants, activities, etc in any city. It literally saved our life and made bringing the pups along  much easier. We chose to stay at The Sylvia Hotel which is located in the west end of Vancouver right on English Bay. It was the perfect location for a one night visit. I have actually seen The Sylvia Hotel often as a child and during almost any visit I took to Vancouver. It is a landmark due to the overwhelming  amount of Ivy vines that cover the entire building. The front side was bare this time of year but in the summer the building looks lush green and in the fall all the leaves become beautiful golden shades. The room was perfect for our little family, the pups had their own little space and I loved the bright clean feel. Plus any historic hotel is totally my thing, I don't need everything to be new and modern!

Once we officially arrived and got settled it was just after 3pm. The pups and Lyla had survived the first five hour car ride and so we decided to head out to explore Vancouver. The Sylvia is right across the street from English Bay, a huge bay right on the Vancouver sea wall which is always really popular when the sun is out and weather is nice. 

We weren't too sure how big Stanley Park actually was until we started our walk and realized a quarter of the way around that it is actually 10k around the park... insert sore feet and grouchy parents! The pups however loved it and Lyla, well she was up and down. After we survived the walk we quickly realized that my rain jacket had accidentally (I write accidentally but all fingers are pointing at a certain husband!) been forgotten. Since we had already walked 16,000 steps we decided to keep walking downtown Vancouver, through the UBC campus to Old Navy on Robson Street. This sounds like a normal activity until we discovered Robson Street is one of THE busiest streets in all of Vancouver and here we are pushing a stroller with two dogs. Are you imagining the stress level?!

After grabbing a quick burrito at Chipotle (we don't have Chipotle in the Okanagan!) we arrived back at the hotel just after 8pm. We kicked off our shoes (we both had holes in our socks lol) and passed out on the bed. Miss Lyla slept a good 6 hours that night so we all woke up well rested! Sofia had been with her biological mother in Vancouver a couple days before we headed down so we had a quick coffee at English Bay and then went and picked her up to continue on to our next destination!


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Travelling with babies can be great or horrible, thankfully all my girls liked car rides but my youngest granddaughter cried from the time she got into the car till the time she was removed from the car.

I had a dog who used to get car sick so we couldn't take her anywhere

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