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Because of Jackie | guest post

This lovey lady is Meagan, from Because of Jackie & she is fabulous. One of the best dresses fashionista mom's out there. Take a little read.... 

Oh hey there! My name is Meagan and I have a blog called Because of Jackie. I blog about style, shopping, life and other fun nonsense. Come on over and say hi sometime, 'kay? 

Now let's move on to the (hopefully!) good stuff. (Because sometimes guest posts are boring, right?)

I came up with the idea for this post on a morning when I had (surprise!) under five minutes to get dressed before bringing my daughter to school. I was on the ball with everything else (fun lunches packed! backpacks in car! kids ready!), except looking down at 8:40am and noticing that I was still in my pajamas and yelling to the kids "get in the car we have to go we are going to be so lateeeeeeeeeee!" Said exactly as you read it in one long run on sentence while dramatically sticking my feet into the holes in my distressed boyfriend jeans. Picture it.

So, after that whole debacle and racing into the school just in time I came up with a simple way to get dressed (and look cute!) in under five minutes. I originally had a more late summer look and then modified it to work for Fall as well with a jacket if you need it. Here goes:

1) Have a couple of go to fun tops! I think it is important to have a couple of tops in your closet that are special, or have a detail on them that elevated them above the basic tee shirt. I bought this faux leather sleeved tee at Target and wear it a ton. It is casual enough to be worn with jeans and can also be tucked into a pencil skirt and worn with (red! studded!) ankle boots. In cooler weather I like a printed top in a fun pattern, similar to this one here

2) Buy a pair of boyfriend jeans! Boyfriend jeans are an item that I wear a lot during the week, both dressed up and down. They are slouchy and cool looking and worn with sandals are casual and don't make you look like you are trying too hard. At night I like to wear them with strappy heels and a peplum top

3) Wear a headband or fun hair accessory! One of my go to accessories are headbands, worn around my head boho style. I find that they instantly create a fun look and make a simple outfit look funky and fun. I think you can trade a headband in for a cute hat (perhaps a studded one) or hair accessory.
As for hair accessories in colder weather, I tend to wear a beanie in a cool color or pattern (red! leopard!) and feel that spices up my look enough.

4) Add a bright bag! I love bags that have a fun element to them and often switch them out every other day or so depending on my outfit. My hot pink Cambridge Satchel looks great with simple looks as a pop of color, and my black and white tote adds a fun pattern to looks with more personality. I keep my most used bags on hooks in my pantry by my door and switch out my makeup bag (with sanitizer, lipstick, wipes, mirror, travel brush, bandaids, etc.) and wallet and whatever else I need that day. I don't carry a ton in my bags and this makes it easy to switch them a lot. I also have a wine colored crossbody bag (see above!) that I bought at Target and looks great in this deep color for the Fall season. I wear mine constantly!

5) Have an accessory (or two) that jazz up your look! I don't know about you, but I find that if I put on one of my long necklaces I instantly feel more put together. I can have no other jewelry on, yet I feel good with a funky pendant or several layered dainty necklaces. I have a couple in constant rotation and I'm always on the prowl for more. 

Lastly, exchange the sandals for a fun pair of boots. I have been eyeing these fringe boots and adore my studded ones as well.

There you have it! My not so patented get dressed in five minutes and still look cute formula. I think having a uniform of sorts for looking good in a hurry and feeling good about what you put on in that five minutes is important, whether you are going to playgroup or heading to the office. 

Tell me, what is your fave in a hurry look?

Oh! I almost forgot! I recently published an ebook called, "Adventures in Blogging: A How To Guide to Creating (and Running!) a Successful Blog." You can find it HERE.

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