Tuesday, September 26, 2017

peach picking

Hi again, it's me I am popping back in with a few posts for you. Wow, it was such a crazy summer I can't believe how fast and how much we did this summer. We are officially in our new home,  Sofia is back in school and life as we know it is trying to become normal. A new normal but a good normal. 

Last week Sofia had a Monday off school and while dad was working we went to an orchard and did some peach picking! With so many different outdoor activities available to us we decided to take advantage. Peach season is coming to an end (apples are in season now!) so we drove out to Paynter's fruit market and filled our bucket up with the last of the season while enjoying the last of summer.

Is our self timer game on point or what?

S and I had the best time running around finding the perfect peaches to pick. We ran through the trees, squished some that were on the ground, and had a blast taking photos of each other. Sofia said we needed to document this day so we never forget the fun we had. Until next year sweet heart, for now we will need to go apple picking!

I am back and going to do my best to keep posting for you regularly. With life back on a schedule it is important to me to keep this tiny pice of internet alive. I will be transitioning a little more to lifestyle adding some cooking, home decor, and family in with my fashion. I hope you enjoy!

As always thank you so much for your continued support and for following along on our new journey in our new home!

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Unknown said...

ugh girl you are INSPIRING me with this shoot !I LOVE!

Happy Fall!

Megan said...

stunning photos babe!! I always love going to orchards!

xo megan

Client said...

Peach picking sounds like so much fun! I also love the great outfit!

Megan | www.pipmegan.com

jasmine elias said...

this dress is so dreammmy and now i'm googling where i can go peach picking!!! :)

Unknown said...

such a perfect fall outing - and love your dress!

Unknown said...

Ahh peaches are my fav!!!! These photos are so beautiful

Unknown said...

This is the cutest! You two are adorable.

PLDetails said...

This is adorable! Fresh peaches are my favourite. And you look amazing in that dress ps!

Jennifer Ashley | www.prettylittledetails.com

Unknown said...

Such a gorgeous shoot! You're giving me all the "fall-feels"! x

January Hart said...

How fantastic are these shots?! Can't believe you girls used a self timer to get these! Love it!