Sunday, September 22, 2019

homemade baby puree

Baby Food. A word that literally has so many definitions AND so many opinions. I think any mama out there feels the same or has the a bit of the same anxiety when people ask 
"oh, your baby is eating solids what are you feeding her?"

Lyla had her two bottom teeth come in just before turning five months. At that time our Doctor had cleared her for solids which was so exciting! We tried a few different feeding "practices" but after some time we decided that best for Lyla and us as a family would be baby purees as well as little pieces of what we eat as well. Lyla is a reflux baby, if you follow on instagram or have read on the blog before you will know we struggled big time for the fist six month of her life trying to keep anything in her tummy. At her six month appointment our doctors prescribed Lyla ranitidine which she currently takes twice a day. She also takes baby probiotics every morning which she has done since she was just a couple weeks old. These two factors also had an impact on choosing purees for Lyla. She gets her reflux medicine and probiotics in her morning puree and her reflux medicine again in her dinner puree. 
Wednesday, September 11, 2019

girls playroom

This past summer we have been hard at work on a very special project for the house. As Lyla has become older she has needed her own space outside of our bedroom so we have moved her into Sofias bedroom and it has now become "the girls" room! I did an Instagram post with a few photos of the room here  (I will have a full post up soon) and you can see what Sofias room looked like prior in the post I publish here. With their room being shared and both girls getting older we have SO MUCH STUFF! Insert our newest project, the basement play room. A safe place for both girls to enjoy playing, being creative, and spending lots of time together laughing and chatting to each other. And let me tell you, Lyla can chat!
Saturday, August 31, 2019

our breastfeeding journey

First off never in a million years did I think I would be writing a blog post about breasteeding. When thinking back to my first few years blogging things that were important to me then we handbags, Nordstrom's bp department and which shoes went with my outfit. Although those things are still very much important in my life recently nipple cream, pumping, and my never ending water bottle have taken over! 

Monday, August 12, 2019

family connection

Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and TELUS and have received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

Each year goes by so quickly but this year I can literally see how fast time is flying when I look at this sweet beautiful baby of mine! Do you remember her newborn photos in this post? Or how about our maternity photos we took last winter? I feel like I was just stressing about those outfits yesterday (haha!). Lots has changed since Lyla has entered the world, specially when it comes to keeping in touch with family and sending lots of pictures and videos between everyone. These photos were taken a couple days before Lyla turned 6 months, obviously I need to document! How cute is my tiny little babe?
Wednesday, July 10, 2019

sister sister

Here is a little throw back post of you featuring some of the cutest photos of Lyla and Sofia that never got published! Take a look....

Can someone please tell me how my baby is three months old already?!  Time is flying by way too quickly which was such a big fear of mine before Lyla was born.  Her new faces she makes, her little  coos, she's grabbing things with her hands and she thinks the dogs are fascinating. She also loves sitting up and observing what is happening around her at all times. The over your shoulder hold is officially no longer! Everyone would tell me that each new stage of a baby's life is the best stage, and even though I am sad time is going by quickly I do love watching her evolve!

Besides time, another fear I have is that I wouldn't be prepared for all these different stages Lyla is going to be entering. The "new born" stage was amazing. The snuggles, the naps, the smells but I knew that wouldn't last forever and in the back of my mind I was constantly thinking, How will I know what to do when she enters the next stage? How will I be prepared? Will I have the right items I need? Will she like the toys and gear I have for her? All these questions would race through my mind constantly. With a little confidence and some help I know we can make it through all stages!
Monday, July 8, 2019

roadtrip - Cannon Beach

part two: Cannon Beach, OR, USA March 19th-20th, 2019

I visited Cannon Beach about 6 years ago while passing thorough on a road trip and since then I have always wanted to go back. This little beach town in Oregon is incredible. Breathtaking to say the least. We left Vancouver on Tuesday March 19th, picked up Sofia at 10:00am and hit the road. Unfortunately we got caught at the border in the LONGEST line of our lives. Over 3 hours of waiting. Patiently or NOT patiently we waited. The girls and I took the dogs on a walk around the park at the border, we had lunch in the car, we played games and we slowly saw our time in Cannon Beach getting shorter and shorter. Once we got through the border we ended up hitting Seattle traffic and then we hit Tacoma traffic plus we were stopping for the dogs to pee and give Lyla a break from the car seat. 

We had plans of arriving in at our Hotel in Cannon Beach around 4:00pm so we could have a bonfire and dinner on the beach. It was 75 degrees and sunny that evening which is unheard of when talking about the Oregon Coast. Unfortunately we didn't arrive in until 8:30pm and everything was dark. We relaxed in the hotel and snacked on what we had in the car for dinner and decided if we head to bed early we can get up and hit the beach in the morning before leaving for the next destination. Here are some amazing photos (my favorite of the trip!) from our morning in Cannon Beach, OR. 
Wednesday, June 19, 2019

20 weeks postpartum update

I received a notification from my pregnancy app letting me know my baby is 20 weeks old... insert huge eyes and a big WHAT! first off, I stopped counting Lyla in weeks at around 8 or 9... she became two months. I was not going to be that mom who had a 92 week old baby! I had forgotten how many weeks she was but remember very vividly counting my pregnancy in weeks. each week was a huge deal to me. we read the pregnancy app religiously as a family to see how Lyla was developing in my tummy. I still remember to this day, my water broke at 38 and 4 and she was delivered at 38 and 6.  couldn't tell you at all what week or day Lyla is now but it doesn't matter she is almost 5 months haha! I wanted to write a little updated 20 weeks postpartum of how both I and Lyla are doing. You can read the 20 weeks bumpdate here

jacket // dress (non maternity but great for a bump, so comfy and NOT nursing friendly, I took this off after these photos because impossible to breastfeed in) // shoes 
Lyla: headband via Hobby Lobby // shorts // onsie hand-me-down from gap