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Monday, March 19, 2018

donut friday

Here is a fun little post for you today, not sponsored just a little local small town support! Vernon has two kinds of people who live here, families who have lived here their whole lives, generations of Vernonites! Then there are people who move to Vernon from surrounding cities because in a thriving economy yet very expensive economy Vernon is probably the most affordable without living 40 miles from a grocery store.  I would say my general family falls in the first of the two however I (and my husband and daughter!) are new back to Vernon after 20 years of being gone, so I guess technically we may fall in the latter of the two. 

Being new back to Vernon is actually great because you want to explore and see what is out there. Figuring out new restaurants for yourself can be tricky but if you talk to someone who have lived here for their whole life they already have their favorite. This brings me to todays post, about #donutFriday in Vernon put on by Ratio Coffee Shop
Wednesday, March 14, 2018

kids Easter basket for under $15

I am back today with another Easter post for you! Thank you for all the sweet compliments on our matching maxi dresses from Monday's post. They are definitely one of our favorite matching combos we have! Today's Easter post is one that I always search on Pinterest for, and each year I try and do something a little different for Sofia as her Easter basket. Like I mentioned Monday, Easter is totally my favorite holiday BUT that doesn't mean you have to overspend! Today I am showing you how I created Sofia's Easter basket for just over $10! Yep, that is right I think everything comes to about $11 + tax and we are about $15 max. 
Monday, March 12, 2018

a little Easter decor

hello + Happy Monday! I am so excited to share some holiday decor tips with you since Easter is right around the corner. Easter is totally my favorite holiday, has been since I was a little girl. I love tulips, pastels, the sun is always shinning, Easter dresses and of course the chocolate that comes with it!  I have slowly been decorating around the house for Spring (even though there is still too much snow outside!) and today I am going to share with you a free printable Easter banner I found on Pinterest

Do you follow Stesha Rose on Pinterest?! You should if not already! I found this amazing free printable Easter banner and knew I needed it for the big blank wall we have in our kitchen. If you remember from winter I did a wreath wall in the same location. I LOVE the floral design of the letters, they give off a very anthropologie type feel don't ya think? It was super easy and fun to do, take a look....
Thursday, March 8, 2018

iPhone editing 101

I am so excited to share this post with you today. It was one of the highest response rates I have received on an Instagram poll and honestly it has been something I have been thinking of sharing for some time. I believe in community over competition, I get asked often what apps or tricks I use in personal DM's or emails so I want to open up and share with everyone! I will be giving away many of my editing secrets that I use for my blog photography. As many of you know I am also a wedding photographer over at Stesha Jordan Photography, a company I founded 7 years ago. I have spent years getting that editing and branding down to a science so those secrets I am going to hold tight BUT all my blog editing recently has changed and I have been getting so man questions on it. Those are the tips I will share with you today!

I have broken this photography series into three part series. A lot of my editing gets intertwined from my DSLR to iPhone from laptop editing to phone editing and of course my blog photos to instagram photos. 

PART 1: iPhone editing - favorite apps 
PART 2: DSLR + presets
PART 3: presets with iPhone photos

Monday, March 5, 2018

6 neutral outfits to transition from winter to spring

Happy Monday, I can't believe we are well into the first few days of March. There is no surprise here in BC we are still in the Winter season, I can't believe how long the snow is staying (insert eye roll!) this is not stoping me from puling out my Spring transition outfits tho. Many other parts of the world are now onto shorts and cute tanks, up here I am happy just to be pulling out my white denim!

Today is a quick post with some my favorite Instagram outfits I have been sharing lately. I seem to be gravitating towards creams, grays, mauves, and lots and lots of denim! Take a look and tell me what ya think...
Wednesday, February 28, 2018

5 tips to help make a healthy marriage

dress c/o Chicwish (currently sold out - similar here)

I am so excited to share this post with you, it has been a long time coming. Stephen and I had the chance to model for an AH-MAZING photographer named Jennifer Hodder, here in Kelowna last September. It was just as the weather was starting to turn from summer to fall and we were lucky enough to sneak in just at the last moment while all the peaches were still on the trees. Sofia + I actually went back just a few days after this shoot and picked some fresh peaches for our peach pies. I posted our adventure in this post and the pies in this post

The shoot was so much fun, it was the first time Stephen and I had ever done something like this before. We have only ever had our photos taken twice and both times were by a friend of mine back in Arizona. Stephen usually prefers to be behind the lens as photos aren't his thing but he knew it was important to me so agreed to participate. Since we never did engagement photos when we got engaged 3 years ago, it was fun to bond over this experience and now we have adorable orchard photos to add to our photo galleries. 
Monday, February 26, 2018

weekend movie night

who else has a little girl who's completely obsessed with Shopkins?! raise your hands mama. one of the biggest epidemics yet, Shopkins everything. if you remember from a few months ago I posted Sofia's bedroom reveal, and now again, thanks to our great friends over at Moose Toys, she is Shopkins set for life. literally. 

this big package arrived the day before Sofia left us for Christmas break. it was such a tease because all the packages go to my moms house and then I drive over and pick them up every other day or so. my mom literally only lives about a quarter of a mile (maybe half mile at most) from us, so super easy to run back and forth. it was such a huge box and when I opened it Sofia's eyes got so wide. I told her she needed to wait until she returned after Christmas break to open it and play with everything. kinda of torture, I know!