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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Big Sister Party

I have been thinking of how we would tell Sofia she was going to be a big sister since I knew we wanted to expand our family, so a while to say the least. It wasn't until we were actually pregnant that all of a sudden time was passing and things were now becoming real. How would we tell Sof she was going to be a big sister? Is she going to be happy? Sad? Unsure? Will she jump for joy or say, "cool" and walk away. All these thoughts were running through our heads daily. Sofia was also leaving us for the summer, I would be almost 9 weeks when she leaves, that is still so early. But I would be over 16 when she comes back and that is a long time to share the news with the person who deserves to know most. 

Our first ultrasound appointment fell on June 21st, which also happened to be Sofia's half birthday. She has been saying for weeks she wanted to have a half birthday party.... excuse me what?! Listen girlfriend, mama is not in the mood for these shenanigans since when do we do half birthdays in this house?! And a full party at that! I also saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of, we could throw her a half birthday/big sister party, this will be perfect!
Monday, July 30, 2018

Baby Puckett Announcement


I am over the moon excited to announce that we are expecting a BABY February 3rd, 2019! Those words feel so good to type, you have no idea! This has been such an emotional journey and by far the hardest secret to keep so today, to be able to share with you all our news feels amazing. We can't wait to meet the little boo, but before then I am so excited to take this pregnancy journey (although it has been kicking my ass!).  

I will post a first trimester recap later on in the week but for today I am going to share our story on our road to becoming pregnant. Our journey has not been an easy one so I wanted to share the hard times we went through before we got to receive this overwhelming happiness we now have. 
Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Farm House; Master Bedroom Reveal

I have been working on this post for some time and am finally getting it up for you today! Decorating a new home can take time, lots of stress, and honestly when you live in a small town where store like Ikea, Target, and Homegoods are not available it can get a bit discouraging. I decided to make the master bedroom the last room in the house to finish and have been collecting pieces over the last several months. It wasn't until just recently that the last few finishing touches came in and it now feels so good to rest our heads down in a peaceful, clean and organized space. Small farmhouse living at its best! Take a look...
Wednesday, June 6, 2018

snaps from Revelstoke

Sorry I have been a little shy around here lately, wedding season is well under way and life as I know it has been busy. If you have been following on Instagram you will have noticed that we have been doing lots of traveling for work, weddings in all different cities! Last week Stephen and I were lucky enough to travel to Revelstoke, a small mountain town north east of the Okanagan up into the rockies. We had a wedding to photograph on the Saturday so we decided to go up a day early and explore a new town we had never been to!

Today I a going to be sharing all the places we ate, slept, and saw. It was a quick weekend but we managed to fit a lot in! This Spring we have been able  to explore all over BC, last month I posted about our time in Abbortsford for the Tulip Festival in case you missed it and what to check it out!
Monday, May 21, 2018

the perfect pink dress

The Okanagan is literally one of the most beautiful places this time of year! In the Spring all the orchard trees are blooming pretty pink and white flowers. Driving through town each hill side is all kinds of colors and the smell is just amazing! The blooms only last a few days only about 5-7 so you have to catch them just at the right time. If a big wind storm or rain comes they will mostly likely blow off so fingers are alway crossed for hot calm weather!

On a fashion note for today, I picked up this blush pink dress a few weeks ago when we were down in Bellingham! I am so in love with the pockets, the crochet mid section, and over all cut! I have been on the search for some comfy casual dresses to wear all summer and this one is it. I am actually still kicking myself I didn't buy it in black, I may have to order it online! 

shop this look:

Monday, May 14, 2018

backyard patio inspiration

If you have been following along on Instagram, mostly the stories, you will have noticed we have been working the outdoor of our home insanely hard! We have planted and seeded grass, sodded the entire backyard, put in a walkway, planted a bunch of beautiful trees + bushes and now finally I am concentrating on the part that I like, the decorating. We have a big 400sq ft deck off the back of the house, yes our deck is half the size four home haha! (You can read all about the building stages of the home in this post here.) We know from about April 1st - October 1st we will be spending the majority of our time outside so I want to make the deck is as cozy and functional as possible!
Friday, May 11, 2018

my favorite parts of Spring

Bring on the shorts, skirts, and anything bare leg weather! Spring has totally Sprung here in the Okanagan and it is literally THE prettiest season yet. My + Sofia's favorite 100%. Driving through our town there are so many different colored trees + bushes blooming. The orchards are in full bloom with pink and white flowers, every tree lining the streets is now pink, the magnolias are incredible and just recently the lilacs have come out as well. Not only are the flowers beautiful the smell is out of this world, we are in heaven! I apologize in advance is every post has tree blooms in the background but I have to take advantage as much as possible. 

Today I am excited to share this adorable gingham wrap skirt! I love the ruffle bottom it adds such a feminine feel and is perfect for the Spring weather. I chose to pair it with a blush top (inspired by this image I found on Pinterest!) instead of the traditional white or black. Although I think adding black cami would be perfect for a more dressy night look! 

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