Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Roadtrip - Oregon Tulip Festival

Part 3 - Oregon Tulip Festival (dates - April 4th 2019)

Here I am, 11 months later posting about our #PuckettRoadTrip2019 and totally out of order now...opps! When we decided to take this crazy idea of a road trip we had a new born baby who didn't sleep worth a damn, we were sitting in -20 degrees with 3 ft of snow outside and my husband has lost his job just days before we welcomed Lyla into the world. In Part 1 - Vancouver BC I talked a little about what we were off to do, and once we got home I did get a post up. key word, A, as in ONE post up! I eventually got Part 2 - Canon Beach up in July and now, almost a year later I am getting another part up for you to read. Looking back, the emotions of that time in our life, the trip, the absolute chaos was overwhelming. Don't get me wrong, we made memories of a LIFETIME and there is a small part of me who can't wait to do it all over again but maybe a bit differently next time!

Anyways, I am excited to share more with you about the trip! I am now going out of order, I still have the Redwood Forest where we slept in our car,  Downtown LA where we had the dogs walking through Beverly Hills, and our time in Arizona. I am going to do my best to get you those posts before next year :) For today, we have Part 3 - Oregon Tulip Festival because its quickly becoming that time of year again & if you have never been I HIGHLY suggest booking a trip. If you remember 2 years ago, Stephen & I took an anniversary trip to BLOOM, the tulip fields in Abbotsford, BC and of course last year was Oregon's Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

It is so funny to look back on these photos & remember that was SO STRESSFUL! The weather was cold and windy and there was mud everywhere! While we were in Oregon for 2 days we spent the weekend visiting with Stephens family so come Monday morning we decided to hit the tulip fields before driving back to Vancouver BC. Probably not the smartest decision! At this point in the trip we were o v e r the dogs. I mean we love them more than anything, they are apart of the family but 3 weeks in a car with two dogs who maybe aren't the most well behaved was really starting to wear on us. Long story short, taking a 2 month old baby, 2 crazy dogs, a wife who wants pretty photos, a husband who doesn't give a damn and a 9 yr old who is off in la la land to a tulip farm was chaos! 

Since we visited the farm so early in the morning not many of the activities or booths were open. The sun hadn't come up yet, the food wasn't ready, and we were too overwhelmed by keeping the dogs out of the mud! The issues we have found when visiting the fields, this was the same in the previous year at BLOOM, was if you get there early enough to take photos will will not be surrounded by people but you miss the experience the farms have to offer. As the day goes on it gets busier and busier, typically the weather becomes nicer however those pretty photos are not as easy to snap. My advice, if you are going with your family block off a big chunk of time and don't worry about the prefect photo! If your dogs are a bit cray like ours are I would leave them at home.  Lastly, if you do want picture perfect instagram shots, be the first ones there at sunrise and be prepared to miss the experience. 

I am still so happy we got the chance to go and get the experience as a family.  I don't think it will be in the cards for us to go back this year, but maybe next! The best time of year to visit is typically mid to end of April, first part of May!


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

So many lovely photos

Kaitlyn Danielle said...

Lol I love the honesty and reality of what looked like a picture perfect day. These fields are gorgeous! I can relate to the stress of thinking taking the dogs was a good idea! Been there, done that. I have to take my Mom to see these fields. She loves gardening. I think she’d enjoy it! Maybe a girls weekend in 2021 after this storm passes. Take care!