Sunday, October 21, 2012

when it rains...

Today will be a different post than normal, biggest difference.... no photos! Eeeep, what you say? No photos? Yes, and let me to you why. So I have a Mac Book that I got 3 days before I graduated from college. I had a Dell and it crashed  right in the middle of finals, so I had to run down and buy a new computer to get through the last 3 days. So I bought my beloved Mac Book, it's pretty and white and oh just wonderful. Until now. Over the summer I have been having a few little lets say "issues" with my computer. I added more memory, I updated my software for my internet, new software for photo shop, anything I cold update I did. I mean after all this is my beloved Mac Book. Space has been limited, and with the more photos I add in RAW format the less and less space is being available for use. Issue #1: I can not add any more photos because my disk is full. Ok no worries Ill transfer a bunch to my external hard drive. Issue #2: My external hard drive is not appearing on my computer. a minute goes by, 2 minutes, 3... and a notification appears, you can view your hard drive but you can not add. WHAT! why? Ok, this is my computer what's wrong with it? I jump on and make an appointment with Apple and I rush down to see them.... here is the convo:
Apple Guy (AG): So uh how important is the information on this hard drive?
Stesha (S): Uh Very, How come?
AG: On a scale of 1-10 will you be ok with out it?
S: A million!! No I will not be ok, I am a blogger and a photographer this is my life!
AG: Okayyyy, well the hard drive is blown, you are going to want to get that info off of it ASAP! BUT you have no room on your computer so I am not sure what to tell you. Maybe buy a new hard drive and transfer it. 
S: breathing hard, ok fine. But what about my computer. My internet wont let me update my internet and it always says my disk is full
AG: Yeah, looks like you have a computer that is held together by band aids and you have started to bleed again. Its like driving a car that barely runs to California and then being stranded in another state by yourself. 
S: Are you telling me I need a new computer?
AG: I am 98% sure you will need a new computer to do any further activity
S: Awesome. Do you have a chair where I can sit down?
So I can not save a picture, edit a picture or take one off of my computer at the moment. I can not view my own website and pinterest wont allow me to fetch pins. I am heading to Apple at 10am today to purchase a new computer, then I will be heading to best buy to get a new external hard drive and then I will be sitting at home trying to save all my photos before the rain really starts to pours! Happy Monday blog world!


Japolina said...

Computer issues are the worst! Hope the apple geniuses can help you

SkinnyMeg said...

Oh man, that sucks! I've been there, hope you can save everything you need! I really need to back mine up!

Andrea said...

Oh no Stesha! I am SO sorry to hear about your computer & hard drive!! I would be hyperventilating and panicking for sure!! I hope everything goes smoothly with your appt and you get your new Mac book and hard drive and everything transfers without a problem!

Jamie said...

Are there a handful of files/photos that could be removed from the hard drive on your computer? It may not be letting you transfer anything to the external hard drive because the computer hard drive is too clogged - when memory is strapped (which it may be if your external drive isn't showing up for a few minutes), it uses the hard drive on the computer to mimic memory space. Basically what I'm saying is that you may need x amount of hard drive space to even transfer (if you've been a PC owner before, the same thing happens when you defrag - it requires a minimum of available hard drive space to run). I'm not guaranteeing that will help, but if you can get rid of enough files that you don't really need to save, you may be able to move the rest. Just an idea! :)

The Blue Hour

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ugh, biggest blogging nightmare EVER. That's awful. I hope you're able to get everything off!

Unknown said...

oh noooo!!! :( This sounds like a nightmare. On the bright side, you do get a new computer though. Buying a new mac book is on my to-do list as well, and I've been putting it off because I don't want to spend the money. So, I know how you feel! Hope everything works out! And let us know which computer you end up going with!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Oh man, that sounds so stressful! I am sorry! Okay but I did love when you said, "A MILLION!" I literally laughed out loud. I would have said the same thing. I hope you get it all off and get everything working!

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

OMG, i hate computer issues! good luck and i really hope you are able to save all of your photos :)

Fashion Fractions

Unknown said...

oh poor girl!!! i feel your pain...and while this all sucks, I thank you for this clever entry...makes me laugh :D best of luck! XO Brynn

Unknown said...

this SAME thing happened to me about 6 months ago.. my hard drive blew and I had nothing backed up on an external hd :( I was so annoyed at Apple + the fact that I had to buy a new HD. I lost every thing though..wasn't able to transfer anything. Good luck transferring and getting the new computer love. I'm sorry this happened to you!!!! Hope your week gets happier real soon. Love you!


Because Shanna Said So said...

Oh CRAP!!!! Stesh, I am soooo sorry! This is all you needed right now! How is it going??? call me if you need a vent session!! love you!!

Tausha Wierlo said...

Oh gosh. Just had a panic attack for you.

I would have had a temper tantrum in the middle of the store.

Hopefully you get everything off okay. Sending lots of prayers and good luck your way!!!