Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Desert Family Fun

I love being able to take the family with me on work trips. When we moved from Arizona I knew we all would be coming back at least once a year. Not only to see family but also because I still had a large group of clients that booked their family photos with me annually. Pssst if you are new here my photography company is: SteshaJordanPhotography!  It is a wonderful excuse to go down and get some warm weather, spend a little quality time, and for me work A LOT.  and I mean a lot. Typically I spend my days waking up at 6:30am leaving to shoot a bunch in the morning, then head home to my in-laws for lunch, then back out again to catch golden hour. Sometimes the entire fam will come with me in the evening, especially is the location has lots to offer like this Papago Park. It makes me feel a bit better because I get to enjoy the "vacation" a bit with the girls, and also helps get the kids out to see some new locations. 

However, when taking them with me it can be a bit more stressful especially with Lyla Girl and all she needs. This TWELVELittle peek-a-boo leather backpack diaper bag has come in as a life saver! I kid you not! It is so spacious, convenient to haul around, and even clips to the stroller. Most of all, the accessibility to the wipes.... life changing! Either Stephen or I will throw it on our backs and away we go. 

I just love these photos. It was so fun to snap while feeding the ducks and waiting till my clients arrived. We just got confirmation for this fall 2020, I booked a wedding so we will plan the trip around that date. Can't wait to be back in the desert!

shop the looks:
ME: diaper bag c/o TWELVELittle, dress (similar), shoes, sunnies
Lyla: Onesie from Jax & Lennon, bloomers: Jamie Kay, bow: Hobby Lobby
Sofia: shorts from H&M, top from Abercrombie

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