Thursday, June 11, 2020

Vancouver Island Winery - cocktail recipe

Raise your hand if you are a wine girl like myself?! I have always enjoyed a glass, in the younger years it was the cheap boxed wine from Target but as I get a little more mature my wine tastes have as well. I am so lucky to live in wine capital of Canada! With vineyards all around there is always a new local wine for me to taste. 

Since COVID-19 hit and heading to an afternoon at a winery is not an option anymore I was more than pleased to find a message from Rocky Creek Winery out of Vancouver Island asking if I'd like to try their wines. YES, PLEASE! They are a small family owned winery on the island who, like many small businesses have been struggling during this time. They sent me 3 bottles to try including this Wild blackberry which is uniquely Vancouver Island and can be made into cocktails. (see recipe card below) Rocky Creek Winery has created a discount code: BUYLOCAL for 15% off and if you are a BC resident you receive free shipping where the rest of Canada receives 50% off their shipping rate. 

My favourite for a summers day is the Creek Quencher which is just a mixture of the Wild Blackberry wine + homemade lemonade topped with frozen blackberries. YUM! It is nice and refreshing, not too sweet since I made my lemonade with maple syrup instead of sugar. The kids enjoy their lemonade while mama enjoys a cocktail... in the backyard of course :)

I am looking forward to taking a trip down to Rocky Creek once the pandemic is over!
discount code: BUYLOCAL
free shipping for BC residence 


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