Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Social Distancing Activities for Kids

We all know what is going on in the world right now is scary, confusing, and just plain sucks! But with small children at home I don't have time to lay in bed all day binge watching Netflix drinking wine like I would probably be doing if I was still in my 20's. I have two little girls, one who is up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6:30am, self isolating or not! Laying around all day trying to just barely get by would not be healthy for any of us. Therefore I have created a schedule to get these girls on a routine for a sense of normalcy considering the circumstances.

Last Sunday night I made a list of 10 activities to do with the girls while Sofia is on Spring Break. We received notice today that the schools in BC will be closed indefinitely, which puts an entirely new spin on things. I had major anxiety all day, I am NOT a homeschool mom nor would I ever want to be! Ever. Just take a look back at this blog, nothing resembled a woman who would become a homeschooler. But, here I am. In a situation where I must learn to make the best of. I am not worrying about homeschooling activities just yet, I am focusing on the next two weeks which is "Spring Break"!

Getting back to basics here with a little dress-up time! Sofia has been a fan of playing dress-up since I've known her. She just LOVES it. So I laid out all her play clothes and let the girls go to town. They danced around, laughed, and pretended they were angels and fairies! You don't have to have actual costumes for this. Just give your kids your clothes or they can dress up as each other, anything would work. Let their imaginations take over!

10 ideas to do with your kids while social distancing:

1. play dress-up 
2. do a painting project
3. get outside! go for a bike ride
4. learn to engineer + build with @Connetix Tiles
5. have a dance party, teach your kids some new moves
6. make play dough 
7. have a backyard bonfire
8. put on swimsuits + sun hats while pretending you are on vacation
9. construct a maze on the wall, drop bouncy balls or pom poms through the maze
10. teach your child to bake

This simple easy NAME RAINBOW PAINTING idea was so fun! Lyla actually got mad she didn't get to actually paint so I ended up giving her a brush full of water and a few drops of paint on a plain white paper.  The mess was worth it :)

here is what you need: (all can be ordered from Amazon)
- canvas (or white paper)
- paint tray or muffin tin

Sofia: (for the older kids) 
1. I simply wrote her name on the canvas with painters tape
2. poured paint into a muffin tin, gave her as many cotton balls as there were colors and a clothes pin to pick up the cotton ball
She dabbed the paint on the canvas with the cotton ball in the shape of a rainbow covering her name, Super easy & so much fun. Plus the clean up is virtually nothing!

Lyla: I put plastic on the counter, placed her canvas with her name spelled in painters tape, drizzled paint in the shape of a rainbow, then covered it up with more plastic. Lyla patted and stomped and well.... rubbed her tummy all over it. 

When the painting is complete wait until dry, remove painters tape and the kiddos names will be spelled out! Frame and place in either their rooms or the playroom. 

If you are finding crafts and inside activities just aren't helping, get outside! It is still cold where we live, colder than normal (greatttt) so we have been waiting for the afternoon to be outside. Each day we try to do a little walk around the farm or head out to a big trail with new scenery. Go find that trail you always wanted to check out, or see a new area of town, or heck, go on a drive and see where you end up! 


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A great post with some good ideas

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