Sunday, September 22, 2019

homemade baby puree

Baby Food. A word that literally has so many definitions AND so many opinions. I think any mama out there feels the same or has the a bit of the same anxiety when people ask 
"oh, your baby is eating solids what are you feeding her?"

Lyla had her two bottom teeth come in just before turning five months. At that time our Doctor had cleared her for solids which was so exciting! We tried a few different feeding "practices" but after some time we decided that best for Lyla and us as a family would be baby purees as well as little pieces of what we eat as well. Lyla is a reflux baby, if you follow on instagram or have read on the blog before you will know we struggled big time for the fist six month of her life trying to keep anything in her tummy. At her six month appointment our doctors prescribed Lyla ranitidine which she currently takes twice a day. She also takes baby probiotics every morning which she has done since she was just a couple weeks old. These two factors also had an impact on choosing purees for Lyla. She gets her reflux medicine and probiotics in her morning puree and her reflux medicine again in her dinner puree. 

After we made the decision I made it a conscious effort to make all Lyla's purees from home and typically out of our garden! This sound crazy?! Honestly, it just kind of worked out that way this summer. We live on a huge farm with a HUGE garden that we share with my extended family. With carrots, beets, zucchinis, squash, etc it only made sense to start making our own and freezing them in little cubes. We also have the luxury of living in the Okanagan which is fruit orchard central (I mean we pay enough to live here, might as well take advantage of it!) so often times we would go pick cherries, apples, or peaches as well!

Making purees is really very simple. I honestly just searched on Pinterest for some fun recipe and went from there. We grew a lot of beets and carrots this summer so I would make a few different combinations based of each of those two vegetables. 

to make: I would steam the veggies or fruit then toss them in the food processor until they are all bended together. Then I would scoop spoonfuls into cubes (I use the green Ikea cubes but they also have different shapes) freeze for a couple of hours then transfer the frozen cubes into labeled freezer bags. When it comes time to eat I we just take out one, two or three cubes depending on how hunger she is, defrost and it is ready to go! If you want more substance to it you can add baby cereal (or oatmeal) and if that becomes too thick add some breastmilk or water. Ta-da, super simple!

Some of Lyla's favorite combinations are:
* beet, cherry, banana
* beet, apple, carrot
* carrot, zuchinni, apple (her favorite ever!)
* carrot and nutmeg
* carrot, apple, potato
*beet and cherry
* blueberry, avocado, banana
*pear and carrot

There are a few more basic ones that she loves too! I tried spinach early on but it seemed to upset her tummy so we took a break from it. Also, I add in nutmeg, cinnamon, or vanilla  often for some extra flavoring. 

I haven't pureed any meat or gains those she just eats in small pieces. She also gets teething cookies, peanut butter toast and yogurt on the regular. Her favorite meal of all time is spaghetti! Feeding her is such a mess, even with the purees, so honestly when we are on the go or she is already stressed mama throws on a bib and heats up a cube and food is served!

 I have really learnt that whatever whichever you feed your baby is 100% fine and if it works for you then its perfect for your baby.  Hope this gave you some ideas, if you want to take a look at my Pinterest baby food board its here


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Home made is better then store bought generally speaking

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