Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Fall Front Porch - Year three

Happy October, well I guess there is only one day left in the month so this post is a all time late BUT Fall is not over just because October is. We still have November, and if you are in the US thanksgiving has yet to happen so definitely keep those pumpkins out! Here in Canada we are approaching the end of my favorite season, the leaves have almost all left the trees & as I look ahead in the forecast I see those little snowflake emoji's which means..... winter. We are not there yet so I am going to share my front porch, year THREE! If you missed the past two years you can see those posts here & here

Below are a couple things I've learned about front porch decor & where the best place to purchase your items.  Lets face it mums, pumpkins & little black bats can start to add up. 

- These are the best mums I have yet to purchase & they came from Costco! For under $10 each. (!!) Their size is unlike any others I have come across and they are available for purchase in early September so I got a full 2 months of enjoying them. 
- Layering your welcome mats!  I love this idea because it gives more dimension when walking up to the front door. I have three this year that I chose to style,  two of which I also use for other seasons!
- I purchased the bats off of Amazon, they aren't as big as I originally hoped (should probably have read the details a bit closer!) but I do love them & have used them to decorate both the outside and inside the house. 

This year on the farm we decided to grow our own pumpkins. My extended family has a large overgrown garden where we all plant a bit of what we like. This was the first year growing pumpkins & gourds and it definitely won't be my last! I wasn't as invested until I saw them starting to grow, then I almost become obsessed with the idea of having a pumpkin patch. I already have my wheels spinning for what we will grow next year. Every pumpkin & gourd on our porch was homegrown which definitely saved some major $$ on the decor. 

Hope everyone has a fun & safe Halloween, cant wait for Fall next year! xo