Tuesday, December 3, 2019

taking control

Oh my gosh someone tell me how this cutie is over 10 months already?! HOW is that even possible. As Fall turns to Winter the end of the year approached which means Lyla has almost completed her 12 months on earth. My sweet baby girl, I feel like you were just born yesterday. Lots has changed since she entered the world! Lots has changed with our family, lots has changed for me a woman, and lots has changed in our marriage. Having a baby is a HUGE adjustment, postpartum is something that has been discussed a lot lately and I for one am happy for that. There is so much that is still not talked about, so we as women receive a big shock at just what will happen to our bodies. I wrote an instagram post the other on postpartum hair loss, and today I am talking about being a woman and dealing with postpartum and intimate times in the bedroom!

Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and K-Y and have received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

Aright ladies lets talk about it! I know I have so many postpartum woman who are loyal followers and readers. I am so thankful for you all. We have talked about cute pregnant bellies, how adorable our new born babies are, and the amount of laundry we now have.  There has been some hard stuff such as up all nighters and crazy emotions. Today I am going to bring up a topic that woman shouldn't feel ashamed or embarrassed about it, sex. You often hear of men giving each other a hard time about "getting back into the bed" with their wives (or partners) after the baby is born. Or you as a married couple, you were used to sharing a bed just the two of you and now a little bundle of joy is right in the middle. Or how about breastfeeding and how those crazy hormones are STILL affecting your body! Whatever the situation is, it is a known fact that sex after a baby for a woman can be difficult. I mean A LOT has gone on down there and I think we as women need to remind ourselves  (and our partners) that things are different. Embrace the difference and take control of our own sex life! 

K-Y is campaigning for Canadian women to do just that! Take control of their sex life, no matter what the situation is. It is okay to discuss out loud with each other what helps us during those "trench" years following the birth of a child. K-Y has so many different kinds of lubricant (also, #1 Dr recommended vaginal lubricant brand!) for you to chose from because every woman is different and may have different needs. You can read more about the products and different articles on the K-Y webpage!

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