Wednesday, January 22, 2020

welcome 2020

welcome 2020,

I don't typically make New Years resolutions. I do make goals, or life style changes I want to achieve... okay I guess I do make New Years resolutions! Usually something attainable. For example, when I was young, single, and childless it was fun things like traveling somewhere new once a month. Miss those days! This year, I have put together three goals I would like to obtain in the year 2020. As a mom of two, time is sparce and I spend most of my days worrying about everyone other than myself. 

Looking forward to 1. not procrastinating anymore (or not as much!) 2. being more consistent (in both work + personal life) 3. focusing on myself  little bit each day. 

These two little faces are my absolute favourites in the entire world. They are why I wake up in the morning, why I want to be better, why I look forward to almost everything. But these two faces also drain a lot from me so I have decided in 2020 my goals need to be more about me, Stesha, the human. Not me, Stesha, the mom. 

PROCRASTINATION: I am THE worst with this, and for absolutely no reason. Silly things like not ordering the dress I love online even though it's on sale. Letting it sit in my cart, until it becomes sold out or won't get here in time for the event. Which only leads to devastation & stress.  See, silly. I also procrastinate on; posting content, answering emails, completing my do to list, going to the grocery, etc. You get it right? Not a healthy habit & one that is easily preventable if only I just DID it when I thought about it. Doesn't seem to be that hard. We will see how things go!

CONSISTENCY: It is SO easy to get distracted when working from home. I am Queen of making sure I get my ideas out on paper, get them shot then never posting them. Our #PuckettRoadTrip2020 is a perfect example. I still haven't posted all the photos and places we went but I drove the family nuts makes sure we captured every memory. You can see the two is have: Vancouver & Cannon Beach but I never posted ANYTHING else. California, Arizona, Tulip Festival... nothing! So I will be getting those out, even if a year later :) Point is, I am vouching to be more consistent in 2020 mostly with work but also personal life as well!

SELF-CARE: I get so wrapped up in taking care of my babes, making sure they have everything they possibly need that I will not do a single thing for myself. I believe being a parent is about putting your kids first BUT I am quickly learning that to be the best mom I can be I need to take care of myself as well. Simple things like an hour a night to relax, maybe spending the $50 on a pedicure instead of more unneeded clothes for the girls just so they are "cute" and "matching". Most of all, eating healthy, quiet time, and exercise. 

I am really looking forward to 2020 and the fresh new year. So much happened in 2019, so this year will be a bit more low key and back to basics!

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