Wednesday, September 11, 2019

girls playroom

This past summer we have been hard at work on a very special project for the house. As Lyla has become older she has needed her own space outside of our bedroom so we have moved her into Sofias bedroom and it has now become "the girls" room! I did an Instagram post with a few photos of the room here  (I will have a full post up soon) and you can see what Sofias room looked like prior in the post I publish here. With their room being shared and both girls getting older we have SO MUCH STUFF! Insert our newest project, the basement play room. A safe place for both girls to enjoy playing, being creative, and spending lots of time together laughing and chatting to each other. And let me tell you, Lyla can chat!

Sofia loves being creative especially when it comes to drawing and writing. She has comic books, paintings, and journals coming from every direction so I bought her a vintage school desk for her to sit at when working. I also moved her big trunk, bean bag chairs and her big queen bed down to makes a comfy little bedroom/living area!

Lyla on the other hand has almost downsized her toys selection because she's become a picky little babe when it comes to what she likes to play with. Recently she likes two things; laying on the ground playing with a tv remote AND her little Fisher-Price® 3-in-1 Spin & Sort Activity Center! There are 10+ activity parts for her to play with, a 360 degrees spinning seat for her to spin in circles which always gives her a big laugh, and we can easily store it away when she is done playing.  

I am really hoping this play space allows for each girl to have a safe play where they can play and grow together. They are at totally different stages in life but having a common room for them to come together and enjoy their own activities yet be in each others presence is a great feeling for me as their mama! 

As Lyla gets bigger this Fisher-Price® 3-in-1 Spin & Sort Activity Center can transform with her so we won't have to do much upgrading.  The 360 degree spinning seat comes out and a table top goes in its place so she will be able to stand on the outside and play with the toys. If you have a babe who doesn't like standing and prefers sitting you can also take the legs off the table and it sits nicely on the ground. So many different combinations which will allow the center to last at least a few months longer than her others :)

This product is available at Amazon, Toy "R" Us, and Walmart. 

* Thank you to Fisher-Price® for sponsoring this post, as always all opinions and statements are my own! 

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