Wednesday, February 28, 2018

5 tips to help make a healthy marriage

dress c/o Chicwish (currently sold out - similar here)

I am so excited to share this post with you, it has been a long time coming. Stephen and I had the chance to model for an AH-MAZING photographer named Jennifer Hodder, here in Kelowna last September. It was just as the weather was starting to turn from summer to fall and we were lucky enough to sneak in just at the last moment while all the peaches were still on the trees. Sofia + I actually went back just a few days after this shoot and picked some fresh peaches for our peach pies. I posted our adventure in this post and the pies in this post

The shoot was so much fun, it was the first time Stephen and I had ever done something like this before. We have only ever had our photos taken twice and both times were by a friend of mine back in Arizona. Stephen usually prefers to be behind the lens as photos aren't his thing but he knew it was important to me so agreed to participate. Since we never did engagement photos when we got engaged 3 years ago, it was fun to bond over this experience and now we have adorable orchard photos to add to our photo galleries. 
Monday, February 26, 2018

weekend movie night

who else has a little girl who's completely obsessed with Shopkins?! raise your hands mama. one of the biggest epidemics yet, Shopkins everything. if you remember from a few months ago I posted Sofia's bedroom reveal, and now again, thanks to our great friends over at Moose Toys, she is Shopkins set for life. literally. 

this big package arrived the day before Sofia left us for Christmas break. it was such a tease because all the packages go to my moms house and then I drive over and pick them up every other day or so. my mom literally only lives about a quarter of a mile (maybe half mile at most) from us, so super easy to run back and forth. it was such a huge box and when I opened it Sofia's eyes got so wide. I told her she needed to wait until she returned after Christmas break to open it and play with everything. kinda of torture, I know!
Wednesday, February 21, 2018

bring on the roses with Pixi

it is hump day, and what a week it has been. I am excited for todays post, it is the first time in a long time I have posted about beauty. while I am patiently awaiting Spring's arrival (still!) I was so happy to receive this gorgeous package from Pixi Canada. 

I am always open to  trying new beauty products especially when they come from Pixi. I love their moto, the brand, and honestly everything I have used from the Pixi line has been incredible. their newest line is all focused on roses which next to peonies is my favorite smell, not to mention is it my favorite flower for obvious reasons!
Monday, February 19, 2018

5 hard realities of winter in Canada + neutral winter outfits

vest c/o Shein

welcome back + happy Monday everyone! today I am excited to show you one of my favorite neutral outfits I put together as well as talk to you about 5 hard realities I have learnt while trying to survive my first Canadian winter. I have been patiently awaiting Spring, and even as I write this post I am pretending it is already Spring even though the reality is I have another month until that actually happens.

before we continue, notice how gorgeous that building is behind me in the first photo? that is the Catholic Church in town that I used to attend Midnight Mass and Easter Sunday at when I was just a little girl. it is hands down my favorite building in town, I could stare at it all day long. I actually featured it back in a post in my first year of blogging, I went through and dug it up here!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

happy valentine's day

pink pom cardigans c/o Chicwish 

happy Valentine's Day loves! I l o v e Valentine's day, not because its all about being in a relationship or having a man to spoil you, because honestly my husband doesn't do anything romantic on this day! In time and with enough nagging I am sure might change :) the real reason I love this day or actually the first 14 days of the month is to show love to everyone special in our lives. I am going to share 5 things you can do on a budget to celebrate Valentine's Day for everyone!

Monday, February 12, 2018

new direction, 2018

hello! oh, it has been some time since I have gotten on here but I am so excited for my first post of 2018 AND to introduce you to my new site, Stesha Rose. if you follow me on Instagram you will know my insta handle is SteshaRose, which is my first and middle name. back in 2012 when I started blogging I thought I needed a cutesy name for my blog, hence Classic & Bubbly, but it has been in the back of my mind since day one... 'why did you not chose Stesha Rose?' 

as many of you know my life took a huge change in 2017 when my family and I decided to move from Arizona to BC, Canada. I wanted to keep blogging but I was so overwhelmed with the move, the building of the new house, adjusting to small town life that I kind of, well half a**ed the blog. it just wasn't feeling right to me anymore, never the less getting my hands on new trends and clothes was either extremely difficult or extremely expensive. wearing the newest jeans or sweaters from Nordstrom just wasn't a priority when I live in a town with no mall.  

so, let's talk about what Stesha Rose is going to be about....