Wednesday, February 21, 2018

bring on the roses with Pixi

it is hump day, and what a week it has been. I am excited for todays post, it is the first time in a long time I have posted about beauty. while I am patiently awaiting Spring's arrival (still!) I was so happy to receive this gorgeous package from Pixi Canada. 

I am always open to  trying new beauty products especially when they come from Pixi. I love their moto, the brand, and honestly everything I have used from the Pixi line has been incredible. their newest line is all focused on roses which next to peonies is my favorite smell, not to mention is it my favorite flower for obvious reasons!

in this oh so cute packaging (I mean come on?! adorable!) there is a Rose Caviar Essence gel and the Rose Flash Balm. both smell amazing and are SO hydrating. the Caviar Essence gel has a light weight feel and is perfect for calming and hydrating the skin. the Flash Balm is a great moisturizer  or apply heavily for a hydrations mask. 

I am usually a lip stick kind of girl, I find liquid lip color to be drying most of the time. I was skeptical at first to try these but they are so opposite of drying. it takes just a minute or so for the color to dry but once it has set the color really pops and looks incredible. my favorite is the Pastel Petal!

thanks Pixi for sending this fabulous kit over, I can't wait for the real roses to start to bloom around here, until then I have these products to smell!

on a completely different note, how cute is the photo of Coors I found on my camera? I totally forgot I snapped it until I was going through my memory cards. he is ALWAYS sleeping on our bed and it cracks me up!

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