Monday, February 19, 2018

5 hard realities of winter in Canada + neutral winter outfits

vest c/o Shein

welcome back + happy Monday everyone! today I am excited to show you one of my favorite neutral outfits I put together as well as talk to you about 5 hard realities I have learnt while trying to survive my first Canadian winter. I have been patiently awaiting Spring, and even as I write this post I am pretending it is already Spring even though the reality is I have another month until that actually happens.

before we continue, notice how gorgeous that building is behind me in the first photo? that is the Catholic Church in town that I used to attend Midnight Mass and Easter Sunday at when I was just a little girl. it is hands down my favorite building in town, I could stare at it all day long. I actually featured it back in a post in my first year of blogging, I went through and dug it up here!

5 realities of surviving our first Canadian Winter:

1. trying to plan anything outside is almost impossible! I am not kidding here, this started back in October when I tried to plan my first styled shoot ever with Stesha Jordan Photography. in that day it rained, hailed, had an incredible rainbow, pure sunshine and clear skies, and hurricane type winds. literally it was crazy. each time I try to plan a photo shoot or even something as easy as taking these outfit photos the weather always changed on me! frustration does not even do the feel justice. another event I tried to plan which all most drove me to my whit ends was Sofia's 8th bday party. we were hosting it the weekend of Dec. 17th, fully imagining there would be a ton of snow since our first snow fall came November 2nd this year. I planned everything for a unicorn sledding party! we hung lights, bought heaters, sleds and set up a photobooth back ground. all to find out there will in fact be NO SNOW! I had to change everything the week before the party. 

2. starting just before Christmas, life shuts down. we expected it over the holiday and even up until January but come the first week of January still nothing. work stopped for Stephen completely, I was having the hardest time getting ahold of clients or anyone for that matter. it seemed as though everything just kind of stopped. this was difficult to deal with especially with our moods which leads me to number 3. 

3. the disorder SADS is real and man does it suck. we are so lucky to live in the Okanagan 7 months out of the year. but come December the weather is gloomy gloomy gloomy. this is caused by the many lakes surrounding us (which is why summer is incredible) but in the winter the clouds hover nice and low causing no sun to peak though. in December who cared it was the holidays but come oh say January 5th, it sucked. the positive thing about the gloomy days is the weather is not too cold so yes you can go outside and not freeze your booty off but finding the motivation to get off the couch is almost impossible. both Stephen and I dealt with depression all winter long, Sofia on the other hand thinks winter is the best thing ever! she can go crazy carpeting every recess at school and then spends the last hour of light after school crazy carpeting at home. if the sun poked happened to poke its head we all ran outside and did anything we could to take in that vitamin D. I posted the funniest video of Levi crazy carpeting on Instagram here!

4. we have developed a love hate relationship with this white stuff they call snow. it is absolutely gorgeous, the town looks like a little lighthouse village with white covered streets, trees, and houses but driving or walking in it... that's another story. I am learning quickly how to manage my car in the snow, I'm not even sure if it's the snow or the ice that lies underneath it.  either way, the snow is great from inside the window but acting like a real human being part of society not so great. 

5. staying positive and remembering why we live here. staying positive is difficult, I am better that it than Stephen but there are days when I just want to hop a flight to Mexico and come back at the end of March. next year we will be sure to save for a tropical holiday in January, that will help break up the gloomy cold weather and do a reset on our attitudes. I keep reminding myself, come May you are going to be the happiest ever with p e r f e c t weather! I have started exercising (in a gym since running outside is not an option. and yes I have tired, 3 times to be exact. I either fall in snow or Levi does!) to bring my moods up and also I am mentally just pretending Spring in here!

touching on todays outfit, this is one of my Spring inspired yet still winter looks I have been rocking. I live in over the knee boots all winter, I find it keeps my feet AND legs warm! these are from a few years ago but I bought a black pair from Target when I was in Arizona in November, they are under $50 and come in black, gray, and tan. I also love this fur vest for a fancy or city feel. I wore it to a holiday dinner party and received so many compliments. it is a little longer than I have been some in the past which I like because between my OTK boots and long vest only a little of my thigh is left to the winter air. I will like my outfit details below. 


Unknown said...

Love your outfit and all the photos, so pretty! I can imagine it can be tough to live in Canada during the Winter, but you've got this girl!!

xo, Lydia

Unknown said...

I am dying over your bag and that vest! Love how you styled this look!


taylor said...

This is such a chic look! I love the vest and boot combo - oh so pretty!

Nelli Kal said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures! I am not a fan of the cold either, but I live in Houston and it's so so hot here most of the year...Xo, Nelli

Stephani said...

I am loving your neutral winter outfit! So light and fresh! Sorry about the winter hardships.. I know i wish for snow every year but I know it can be super challenging when the weather is freezing! Hope it warms up soon! And you guys should definitely try for a warm tropical bacation next winter wish I could send you some sunshine!!

Xo, Steph

Amanda @ A Good Hue said...

This outfit is fab! I'm from SoCal so I can't relate much to life in snow but I can imagine you'd be SO over it after a couple weeks. Hang in there, spring is coming!

Rita said...

Such a fabulous winter outfit. Love the fur vest and your bag too! You look so chic.

Rita |

Unknown said...

I can imagine it would be tough to live in Canada during winter! I love your outfit though and think you styled your OTK boots and fur vest so well!!

xo, Laura

Tanvi from said...

Such a cute outfit. I don't think I could survive the winter in Canada


Anonymous said...

This outfit is so cute!I love that vest. And girl, you're a champ for being able to survive Canadian winters haha.

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