Wednesday, February 14, 2018

happy valentine's day

pink pom cardigans c/o Chicwish 

happy Valentine's Day loves! I l o v e Valentine's day, not because its all about being in a relationship or having a man to spoil you, because honestly my husband doesn't do anything romantic on this day! In time and with enough nagging I am sure might change :) the real reason I love this day or actually the first 14 days of the month is to show love to everyone special in our lives. I am going to share 5 things you can do on a budget to celebrate Valentine's Day for everyone!

5 favorite ideas you can do for/with your children for Valentine's Day on a budget:

1. each morning when Sofia woke up there was a little heart felt cut out ($1 for 12) stuck to her door with a positive adjective to describe her. we called it the Valentine Fairy even though she called me out the first morning on my hand writing. each heart said something like, 'you are magical', 'you are strong', 'you are powerful'. she would pop up each morning and open her door to see what the newest heart said. 

2. I printed out Valentine themed worksheets (free on pinterest) for Sofia to complete when she got home from school. we didn't do this everyday but it's a fun way to keep her brain engaged and mix things up from boring old homework. 

3. we baked cupcakes and decorated them with pink icing and sprinkles! then we took them over to the older gentleman who lives next to my mom and gave him some along with a handmade valentine card.  it totally made his day and it made Sofia and I feel great for showing kindness. 

4. we had this fun photoshoot on my bed. Dad took the pics since he didn't want to be apart of it. I picked these roses up while at Costco ($20 for 2 dozen) (our nearest Costco is an hour away so I always take advantage!) before cutting them and placing them in vases I surprised Sofia after school one day. she came home and my bedroom was decorated, she went crazy!

5. Sofia and I surprised my mom at her workout class on Sunday morning with a little Valentine's gift. Sofia had painted her a little wood heart ($1 from the dollar store) and we put it in a little gift bag with some kisses then tied a few of these pink heart balloons to it. my mom was so surprised when we showed up that tears came to her eyes. we wanted her to feel special and she did!

heart balloons $1 each, $1 to blow up // roses $20 for 2 dozen // hanging hearts $4 for 7 strands 7 feet long

I did want to touch on these pink cardigans for a minute. I was accidentally sent this pull over cream pompom sweater from Chicwish back in December. they had mixed up two bloggers packages and so I was a bit surprised when I saw this huge chunky sweater. Stephen of course laughed at it (as he always does with most of my clothes) and I too was a bit hesitant. it took me a few weeks to wear but I ended up loving it when I got the courage to wear it. it was actually one of my more popular instagram photos (here) and when I wore it out I got compliment after compliment on it, which is saying a lot coming from such a small town. when I saw these matching pink cardigans in the same material and print I knew Sofie and I needed them. they are so warm and cozy. she runs around in hers almost everyday! they also come in 4 other colors if pink isn't you thing. 

shop both our outfits:

I want to thank everyone for the great feedback and kind remarks from Monday's blog post! I am excited to keep showing you more and opening up! have a great rest of your week and I will see you back here Monday.  ps. its an outfit post but I am chatting about 5 things we learn over our first winter in Canada!


Unknown said...

OMG!! How cute are you two?! I am loving these pictures, and the twinning!!

cute & little

Lizzie said...

This is the cutest thing ever! She looks so excited! <3


Anonymous said...

These are all such cute ideas! I'd love to do that for my own daughter someday.

Candace Hampton said...

I just love you and your daughter's matching sweaters. I can't think of a more appropriate one for Valentine's Day. Great tips shared here!

Amanda @ A Good Hue said...

These pics are the absolute cutest! Love the matching sweaters <3

Client said...

You two in your matching sweaters is so stinking cute! Hope you two had a great Valentine’s Day!

Unknown said...

These photos are adorable! I love the sweaters and all your cute V-day accessories!

Gita said...

Such good ideas, especially the cupcake (which I'm always down for)

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh this photo shoot is melting my heart! You two look down right adorable!

xo, Sara

Amy said...

You girls are too cute for words!

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh these photos are priceless!!! I want to do this with my daughter! So sweet

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