Thursday, February 9, 2012

feelings into the sky



Have you ever released a balloon into the sky?
When I was a little girl my dad would go hunting up in northern Canada for weeks at a time.  My sister and I would get so sad, we would cry and cry.... I mean not talking to your dad when you are 6 years old for 2 weeks sounded like the worst thing in the world.  How would we survive? I could tell when looking at my mom that her heart would break for us, she has two little girls who just wanted to talk to daddy but he was out hunting, what to do? We started writing messages on balloons and releasing them into the air.  My mom swore that dad would see them and get our messages. She told us he would know we were thinking about home while he was gone. Dad would come home from his trips, and the first question would not be, "how was hunting, or what did you get?", but rather, "Daddy,  did you see our balloons we sent you while hunting?" The answer was always yes. It just made me the happiest little girl and I truly believe still to this day my dad would get the balloons I sent him.

Something about balloons floating away into the sky has magic.  For which ever reason you are releasing them, if it is someone here on earth or up in heaven, they definitely get the message. 


= said...

this is the sweetest post!!!

Unknown said...

what an adorable post! and those photos are so darling!

Alyx said...

Such a cute story - I love it!

Jennifer said...

I love this story!

ashlyn | nicole said...

omg how cute. I would get sad when my dad left to go hunting too :/ balloons are magical :)

love you!!

The Sister Studio said...

This is such a sweet story!! Love it. :)

Melu103 said...

how adorable :)

i wish i could be so innocent
like when we were small and
believe that if i send Sebastian
balloons .. he will get them and
smile :)

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Laura said...

that is the sweetest story!

Jess said...

This is the cutest idea!
I think that is so sweet that you guys used to do this when your Dad was away :)

Putting this in my "For when I have kids" memory bank ;)

Happy Thursday, girl

henning love said...

what a great story stesha!! and a wonderful way to connect your family when your dad was away, i'm sure he appreciated too knowing you wanted to have him around despite his being gone hunting. and i love the photography of course!

Sophie @ threetimesf said...

I remember doing this at school once and thinking it was amazing!

Lauren said...

what a sweet sweet post! and what a precious memory you have from your childhood!

Shay said...

That is the sweetest thing ever- I have heard of doing that for people who have passed but never for someone who is just missed. Such a fantastic idea!

Danielle said...

THAT is adorable. Love it. You are too cute! Newest reader :)

... said...

This is the sweetest story I have ever heard! I really think we need to go do this together. :) Let is all go!

Cait Emma said...

love the balloons! and i am such a i really appreciate this little story xo


Alexa said...

Oh my goodness this little story just makes my heart smile!