Friday, October 6, 2017

5 tips for dressing your daughter

Happy Friday!

This is kind of a different post for me today but if you have been following on Instagram Stories  you would have seen these photos popping up each morning. Since I have been getting a lot of questions and feedback I thought I would give it a full post. Sofia has taken a liking to photographing her school outfit of the day. I am so lucky to have a little one who really doesn't care too much what I 'dress' her in and luckily she seems to love everything I pick out.  

I started really thinking hard about Sofia's wardrobe when we knew we were leaving Arizona and moving to small town Canada. Options aren't easily accessible and clothing in general is much more expensive so I decided to think ahead. 

Today I have written 5 tips for dressing your 7 year old daughter

Tip 1: buy on clearance after the season is over
Uh, what now?! Yes, this might sound crazy and its not always what I do BUT typically at the end of season stores like H&M and Target have an amazing clearance sales on kids clothes. When living in Arizona I purchased a ton of winter clothes last Spring. I am talking $3 pants, $5 jackets and vests, $2 long sleeves... I mean how can I not pass it up?! I usually buy Sofie's clothes a bit bigger as is, so I gage a size in a half to two sizes larger for the next year. And if for some reason it's too small? You only paid $5 so you'll live!

Tip 2: chose a color scheme
This I learned the hard way a few times over but I think I have it down to a science now! I used to buy anything I thought was cute, green, orange, hot pink, red.... any color at all. Then I had nothing that matched and ended up with a bunch of random items she never wore. So I set a color scheme that I follow and this allows for almost everything to be mixed and matched. Our favorite colors are: pale pink, navy, gray, white, and maroon. 

Tip 3: It's all about layering
We layer layer layer! This allows for different pieces to be worn for multiple seasons, for instant a denim skirt. Wearing leggings underneath the skirt for Fall or alone for Spring and Summer allows for one item to be worn almost a full year. We also love layering tanks, long sleeves, and hoodies. It is also keeping her warm at school in the mornings then by recess or lunch she's ready to pull some layers off!

Tip 4: Keep it Simple
 This one is more for me than for Sofia. I like to buy basics, a lot of basics! When I find something that she wears often or is versatile, like black leggings I stock up. Simple long sleeves (or short for summer) simple leggings, solid color pants I'll stock up in our color scheme so she can mix and match. This also allows you to spend more money or go a little crazy on unique accessories!

Tip 5: Have fun!
Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Kids love fun so allow them to have it. Pictured above is Sofia's favorite hoodie ever! I found it online last winter at Target (on black Friday weekend with target red card + cartwheel... I paid $6 for this hoodie!) and instantly fell in love with it. It's a simple solid color that she can layer with AND it's fun?! Boxes 1 - 5 checked! 

Favorite stores to purchase clothes in Sofias age range are: H&M, Old Navy, the Jack & Cat line at Target, Walmart Canada has AMAZING George line, The Super Store has the cutest Joe Fresh for Kids line and of course we always hit up Marshall's or Winners to see if we can find any good steals!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Happy Weekend!


Two Peas in a Prada said...

You guys are too cute!

♥Renee @ •Getting Fit Fab• said...

These are such adorable photos! I love all of the outfits that you had her in!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh you two are precious!

Sabrina | Gypsy Tan

Amanda M. said...

I love all of these tips! I need to remember them! You guys look fab.

xo, Amanda

Kristina @ Medicine and Manicures said...

Great post! Kids dress way better than they did when I was growing up, that's for sure!!

xo, Kristina

Unknown said...

You two are so cute! I love these mommy and me outfit pics!!

xo, Laura

Unknown said...

Ahh you guys are so cute! Reminds me of me and my mom. xoxo

Natasha said...

so so cute and love this advice! i own and children's store and we are always encouraging our customers to layer it up and select items you can mix and match for school!

Where your heart is now said...

She is adorable!! Such great tips!