Thursday, January 2, 2014

Random Thoughts

am not sure what has taken over my mind the last couple of days but I feel it is really refreshing. Random thoughts are popping into my head through out the day just making the little hamster work harder than usual. Not stressful thoughts but more optimistic + positive, although many are out of the blue random they all seem to be good thoughts. I am going to take this Friday and share them with you, I have been writing them down as they come to me so feel free to say "where the heck did that come from" while reading. Here goes....

+ I didn't set a resolution this year 
but for some reason I have a very good feeling 2014 is the year for me. (no I did not get that off of Pinterest!)

+  My new favorite color is white. 
I know its not a color its a shade but still, it is now my favorite. 

+ After years on the computer 
I still do not know how to type properly... 2 fingers mostly!

+ I am a control freak! 
iIn emotional situations I loose my mind when I can not control what is happening. I have learned that I can not control others, not their lives, their feelings, who they meet, what they do, where they live, if they like me, if they don't, if they call me or answer my texts. The phrase "everything will be how it's supposed to" is true and there is nothing one can do to change another. 

+ Working for myself 
is the most rewarding feeling I have ever felt. It is the hardest I have ever worked in my life and I am not even mad about it!

They should keep you on your toes. 

+ I have a new found love for red wine
although I have notices my teeth are no longer as white as they used to be

+ So long city, hello country
Yes I like to shop & get dressed up & go out, but more times than not I like my jeans + chucks, I like being outside, I like exploring, and I like to just chill. A cabin in the woods sounds perfect

+ Mistakes.
 Are just that, mistakes. BUT you must learn from them. I have made plenty in the past year or so, some bigger than others, some harder than others but I am still alive + moving on from those mistakes changes your entire outlook. 

+ Social media
Is hard on ones self esteem (this is especially for your blogging babes) I have to constantly tell myself to not compare, each is on their individual path. 

+ My electric tooth brush
is awesome, but how do you brush your tongue with it? Or am I the only one who does that?

+ Breaking Bad
Is the best TV show I have seen!

Those are my first random thoughts of 2014, I have decided to keep a journal this year so as the months proceed on I will share some more! You can count on Monday being back to normal outfit posts & 5 days a week blogging! Happy Weekend! 


Hilliary Meisner said...

Great post! Happy Friday!

Ashley Robyn said...

Probably the best set of random thoughts ever. I have a new obsession with red wine too and think that pinterest is the root of all evil of comparison. But I just love pinning things so much. Sigh.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Haha I totally don't use the right fingers when I type either!

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Haha you def need to wait till the toothbrush stops vibrating and then brush your tongue. And I brush the roof of my mouth. Am I the only person that does that?? Here is to a great year in 2014!!

Because of Jackie said...

Love this! Sounds like you have the perfect mindset to start the year fresh and new and a knowledge of how to make yourself a better person (love!) Agree especially about social media. Must. Stop. Comparing,

Unknown said...

Love the quote graphic- it really spoke to me today, so thank you :)