Thursday, October 13, 2011

BMO Okanagan Marathon 2011

Ok first I want to start my apologizing I have been awful with keeping up with my posts, my comments, and my emails! ah. I am sorry. Life has been a little crazy I cant even keep my head on. BUT that is all going to change. I appreciate and love all of you so much, all your comments just make my day. I have some exciting new posts for you that I cant wait to share. I hope you will love them as much as I do!!

OK so FINALLY only 4 days late, (what happened to Marathon Monday, Stesh?) I know I know. I let the ball down. However I'm picking up the pieces and today you are going to get to see all about my half marathon I ran last Sunday!!!!

This is my wonderful cousin Camille. She is amazing. My best friend, soul mate, cousin! We are so in-sync with each other we ran an 18km the week before the race sharing an ipod the whole way!! FYI not many people can do that :) it's talent!
The starting and finish line. 21.1km around
Check out all these crazy people!! I saw everyone from a 70+ year old man to young kids. It was inspiring to see who runs these races!
BMO stands for Bank Of Monteal. Sponsors of the marathon.
Rushing to get ready and get to the starting line. Always a little fashionably late! (you know whats not fashionable??? the row of porta potty's in the back ground!)
My Aunty Janice was there! You can see her in the white hat!
We also saw my mom's good friend Julie and her brother Chuck! Julie runs the marathons all the time but this was Chuck's first!
Can you see us??? All the way on the other side. I was not thinking pictures for once at this time I was I have 21.1 km to run right now!
We were so quick at the run that our families missed the ending! In a way that could be sad, BUT i think its awesome!! That means my time was amazing and I finishes way quicker than anyone thought!! haha.
Our time officially was 2:13:49! I was more than please. And that's with a restroom stop in the middle!
Here we are at the end with our medals!!
I am not sure if you remember a posts a few months back. I was going through a difficult time and experienced a loss of a good friend of mine. Having my family live in Canada and me live in Arizona is difficult. I miss Sunday dinners, and birthdays, and holidays. I am very fortunate enough to have a second family that has taken me in. They are the coolest, kindest, amazing family!! Annie and Renee are like my sisters. Both of the girls actually played a huge part in my running life. Annie got me initially into running about a year ago, and Renee ran with me all summer long while we were in Canada. This past July their was a horrible car accident that the Bruno family was involved in. Mike, the dad, my second dad, lost his life in the accident. Renee and Mom Kathy were very injured and have been going through physical therapy to recover and start walking again. This accident has changed my life greatly. When it came time for the marathon I wanted to run it for no one more than my second family the Brunos!

Here are some action shots I got from the website!! Just look at that dedication on my face!
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Miss Amy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am just walking out the door right now for a run, and it couldn't have been better timing for some run-motivation! I'm proud of you girl. Seriously - way to make your goals happen, and for what better cause. Your 2nd family! My deepest condolences. Such a tragedy, and so painful. Your dedication to them with this race is full of love. Very touching. Well, when's the next marathon? ;)

henning love said...

congrats stesha!! you must be very proud to have completed and i am sorry things have been hard for you in phoenix, and i am very glad you had a second family to take you in, and what a touching thing for you to do for the Bruno family

Hilliary Meisner said...

Congats on finishing the marathon, such a great and wonderful accomplishment! You can tell how much the people around you mean to you. Such a touching thing you did for the family by running the race in their honor!

Courtney B said...

Stesh!! You are amazing! Like wow, congratulations!! I'm running my first race ever on Saturday, a 10k, and I'm super nervous! But after reading this I'm actually really excited! :)

Maria @ Orchard Bloom said...

Congrats on completing the marathon! It is such an accomplishment.

lori said...

congrats, stesha! the pictures are great!! and good job on your time. i am so sorry for your loss- how you honored the bruno family is definitely touching.

Anonymous said...

congrats girl! love how you honored that family, very moving. that is a wonderful accomplishment

Laura said...

Great job! I love your post and your pictures, especially the precious one of you and your second family.

Gentri said...

I so want to be able to do this some day! Way to go!

... said...

I am so glad you shared this. I lost a very good friend of mine this past May. It has been a very difficult time in my life but God gives me the strength to keep going, take care of my boyfriend who had been friends with him since the age of four, and help his wife pick up the pieces after he passed away. I wrote a post about it last week. My heart goes out to you lovely girl!

Ashley said...

i lovvvvvvvve you! you did it! and you even have a cute pink fanny pack. im jealousss

ashlyn | nicole said...

miss stesha, i am SO proud of you. i knew you could do it! &i wish i could have run with you -- maybe we could run another one today in the future! ;] but i know life is crazy busy, but we still love you! & i will for sure stick by you no matter what. i can't wait to catch up with you & find out more about your run! :]

loving that fanny pack too!

Ashley said...

Stesha I am so proud of you!! You are one amazing girl, you have such dedication, strength and endurance. Congratulations on your first marathon, so wonderful how you dedicated it to the Bruno family. I love you xoxoxo

Ashley said...

Stesha I am so proud of you!! You are one amazing girl, you have such dedication, strength and endurance. Congratulations on your first marathon, so wonderful how you dedicated it to the Bruno family. I love you xoxoxo

Amanda said...

Congrats on your first half! That's awesome! You look great for having just ran 13 miles :)

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