Thursday, August 4, 2011

1950 inspired

I have been inspired more than usual this past week by vintageclassicolden day themes. So I decided to take action and capture my inspiration!

This beautiful young lady is my good friend Ashley. Many of you will know her from The Shine Project.  

Not only is Ashley GORGEOUS, she has the personality that shines like no other.  Ashley has inspired me for many years to follow through on my feelings, so when I decided to do this shoot she was the only one that came to mind.   








Phoenix, AZ

We had such a blast (Arizona heat and all), it could not have gone ANY better!


Miss Amy said...

Beautiful shots, Stesha! I'm glad you captured some of Ash with that sexy, serious face....because we both know it's rare to catch her without a big smile on her face. I love the 50's inspiration.

My Life as Whitney said...

Love this! I am obsessed with pretty pictures.

lori said...

absolutely gorgeous. love everything about these photos.

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Beautiful pictures!

Holly said...

How beautiful!! Thanks for stopping by my site, check out my giveaway as well if you're interested!! It ends on the 9th :)

ashlyn | nicole said...

these are amazing. you are so talented! & yes ashley is gorgeous.

i wish i lived closer to AZ so we could hang out!! lol :] one day!

Shannon said...

love your photos!!

Laura said...

How fun! I love these pictures, especially picture #2.

Anonymous said...

you are talented AND gorgeous! :)

Vivian said...

Can you be any cuter? WOW...I am going to do a 50's photo shoot inspired on you and this post ;) Thank you so much for stopping by. Absolutely love your blog! Following :)