Friday, August 5, 2011

life long friendships


I have heard people say over and over,  when you get older you are lucky if you can count the number of actual friends you have on one hand.......well I must be one lucky girl! 

As we get older friendships along with life seem to change as well.  I have always ran with a group of girl friends, ever since I was in elementary school.  I moved around a lot as a child (a different school every year from 5th grade -9th grade) talk about difficulty making friends.  Along the way I have met AMAZING friends that have stuck with me throughout the years.  

I have many BEST FRIENDS in different ways.  I have friends who I call sisters because their family is so close to me they are my sisters, I have my two best friends from high school who carried on through college who have still carried on post college, I have friends who I spent everyday of every summer with working our summer job laughing non-stop, and I have the best friends who I can call and say anything too, and of course I have my original best friend, you know that best friend when you were probably 6 years old?? yepp I still have her! 

This summer I was so incredibly lucky to have all of my BEST FRIENDS be together in one place for an entire weekend! I will never forget that weekend,  I want to thank each and everyone of them for making it so special. 

Ok enough, lets meet them!!


my best.

the trio. 

my life. 



my very first best friend forever.

my ladies.

Valuing friendships is something that will always be important to me.  Whether it is a call once a year or an everyday conversation, my friends new and old will always be here. 


Holly said...

Friendships are great, and when you have friends who you are so close with that they become like sisters it's even better!

Ashley said...

this is so cute stesh.

Kate said...

It is so true. we can count our true friends on one hand. That's why we need to grab 'em up :)

Lisa said...

Eeek! I get excited over Canadian bloggers, too! AND, I was JUST IN the Okanagan last weekend!! I love this post on best friends! I'm the exact same way. I also have many best friends in different ways. :D xo

PS - thanks for the sweet comment about my fashion sense!

Unknown said...

What fun! It looks like you have a good group of girls! xo Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I am loving your site & am your newest follower! :)

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

I feel the same way about my group of girlfriends :) LOVE THEM.

Laura said...

I love these pictures. You all are so beautiful. Best friends are the best.