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Monday, May 14, 2018

backyard patio inspiration

If you have been following along on Instagram, mostly the stories, you will have noticed we have been working the outdoor of our home insanely hard! We have planted and seeded grass, sodded the entire backyard, put in a walkway, planted a bunch of beautiful trees + bushes and now finally I am concentrating on the part that I like, the decorating. We have a big 400sq ft deck off the back of the house, yes our deck is half the size four home haha! (You can read all about the building stages of the home in this post here.) We know from about April 1st - October 1st we will be spending the majority of our time outside so I want to make the deck is as cozy and functional as possible!

I did a poll a couple weeks ago asking you opinion on the seating arrangements outside. I had two options, A love seat with garden stools on the sides OR a couple of hanging hammock chairs at each end of the deck with a garden stool each. The results were literally almost even. I received the most response yet on a poll but literally it was equally divided... which seemed to confuse me more! I decided to  do a little inspiration board on what each section would look like to see if that will help me make more of a decision. As you can see above I have chosen a carpet that I love and will be perfect for the space. I am such a sucker for throw pillows so I know I will have a bunch of those around (even though Stephen literally can't stand them and those them on the ground or hides them on me every chance he gets!) and the garden stools are a must no matter which options I go with. The issue I am having is do I like hanging  hammock chairs for a more unique look OR do I go with a more traditional safe and chic love seat?!

Someone help me decide please!
leave a comment below wan tell me, love seat or hammock chair and I will love you forever :)


Cathy OBrien said...

Love that wooden love seat! It's so classic and perfect!


Cory said...

Can you do the love seat and also have two hammock chairs? I think having options would be lovely. Not everyone will be comfortable climbing into a hammock chair, but I think they are super cute!

Tanvi Rastogi said...

We don't have a big enough patio .... if we did I would definitely add a hammock to it :)


Cheryl van den Berg said...

If your backyard is big enough then do both. I think the loveseat is nice for actual sitting, but the hammock chair is more unique. I feel like you should be able to do both as it looks like the hammock chair wouldn't take up too much space.

Amanda @ A Good Hue said...

I love the look of the hammock chairs but they might not be the best for guests. Hard choice! I think whatever you choose will look amazing :)

Azanique Rawl said...

I love that bench seating option! I am currently looking for new patio furniture so I know that hard feeling of deciding.

-xo, Azanique |

Lauren Ashley said...

I can see why the results were even! Can you do both?!!?! I really love the love seat, though.

Va Account said...

These are so cute! I am loving the hammock chair!

cute & little

Client said...

I'm working on building my back patio right now! This is so much good inspo for me.


Laura Adney said...

I've been eyeing some hammock chairs myself so I think I'd go with them! We have big plans to work on our front and backyard too this summer so hopefully we get around to it!

xo, Laura

House of Loren said...

I honestly think if there's room for both it can def. be pulled off. Yet If I had to choose I'd say love seat! Also loving the pillows and the garden stools! I've actually been saving a ton of backyard pictures and posts on pinterest lately, I's next on my list! Thanks for the inspo x