Friday, May 11, 2018

my favorite parts of Spring

Bring on the shorts, skirts, and anything bare leg weather! Spring has totally Sprung here in the Okanagan and it is literally THE prettiest season yet. My + Sofia's favorite 100%. Driving through our town there are so many different colored trees + bushes blooming. The orchards are in full bloom with pink and white flowers, every tree lining the streets is now pink, the magnolias are incredible and just recently the lilacs have come out as well. Not only are the flowers beautiful the smell is out of this world, we are in heaven! I apologize in advance is every post has tree blooms in the background but I have to take advantage as much as possible. 

Today I am excited to share this adorable gingham wrap skirt! I love the ruffle bottom it adds such a feminine feel and is perfect for the Spring weather. I chose to pair it with a blush top (inspired by this image I found on Pinterest!) instead of the traditional white or black. Although I think adding black cami would be perfect for a more dressy night look! 

shop the look:

5 reasons why we love Spring in the Okanagan:

1. The smell of fresh blooming flowers everywhere you turn! I can't even put a description on it, it just smells wonderful. Except for the cow poop which is also strong this time of year but only out with us in the country not in town!

2. The weather is gorgeous! I am not sure how it went from snowing in mid March to warm sunny weather all through April but it did. Literally every morning there is sun shinning through the windows at 6:30 and it lasts all day long. There is a slight chill in the morning and evenings but during the day it is perfect!

3. The days are getting longer. It is light early in the morning around 6:30am and it is staying light in the evenings. Not as long as summer just yet but it is definitely getting there. The evening glow on the fields happens around 8:10 and with the blooming trees it couldn't be prettier! 

4. The fresh flowers that are growing right in our own yard. Since we built our home in the middle of a hayfield there are not a lot of trees or flowers directly at our house yet. We have some gorgeous trees lining the opening of the driveway which have been around forever but where our home is we are just now planting. We put in 3 big green trees to grow up for privacy and shade, two hydrangea bushes (one blue, one pink!) 3 peonies bushes, a peach tree, a fruit salad tree, and a cherry blossom push! I am so excited for all the trees/bushes to grow I can hardly contain my excited for next year already. 

5. We are spending so much time outside again. The feelings of last summer are coming back! It is crazy how you almost forget the time you spend outside over the winter since you are bundled inside almost full time. But being able to have dinner on the deck,  evening walks, gardening and in our case lots of landscaping. We are tying to get everything done before summer so we can enjoy it all!

Thank you Spring for being so amazing!


Monty Mehra said...

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Emily said...

This is such a cute outfit! I love the gingham & blush combo!

Rebecca said...

This outfit is spring perfection!!!! Gorgeous

xx Rebecca

Cathy said...

Cute outfit, I love your handbag!


Client said...

I love spring too! Unfortunately Tennessee went right from winter to summer. No in between!


Laura Leigh said...

You look absolutely adorable! I love this look and your shoes couldn't be cuter with that skirt.

xo Laura Leigh

Anna E. Fox said...

I definitely miss the smell of fresh flowers in the spring. Sadly the heat in Houston causes them to bloom an die in such a quick period of time you'll miss it!

Maggie said...

Love this entire outfit! So cute!

Ciera Chang said...

This is a perfect summer outfit! I need this skirt in my closet!!

Unknown said...

My fave too! You look gorgeous lady

Unknown said...

Love this ootd.. perfect for summer!

Unknown said...

Omg girl! This look is my favorite! Way too cute!

Unknown said...

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