Wednesday, May 9, 2018

DSLR photo editing 101

Back in March I posted my first photography tip post on iPhone editing 101. It was the first of a three part series I am sharing on how I edit my blog + instagram photos. I have been mixing up my editing style for years now and I am sure it may change again but for the time being I am really loving what I have been doing! Today I am going to cover DSLR cameras + Lightroom presets. 

I took a small break from blogging from mid December - mid February and during that time I did some research and played around with a few different editing styles. I wanted a new and different look than what I had been doing for years. If you are a long time follower of my blog you will know that I also run Stesha Jordan Photography, a wedding + portrait photography company. I love my light and airy style for that company but here on Stesha Rose I wanted to mix it up! Today I am going to give out 3 tips on how I shoot my blog photos as well as the Lightroom presets I use. 

tip 1: lightroom presets

For years I only used Photoshop, and by years I am up until last year! Crazy right? I had perfected my editing on Photoshop and was scared to use anything else in fear that my style would not look the same. Well, once I discovered Lightroom my life completely changed. I pay the $10 a month for the Adobe Creative Cloud and it is everything I have ever needed.  (you can purchase it here) If you are nervous or unfamiliar with Lightroom it is easier than it seems. Simply watch a few youtube tutorials and it will all come together. One part of Lightroom that I love so much is the ability to purchase and apply presets. If you are on instagram, follow any bloggers, or see any sponsored adds you will have noticed everyone is selling their own presets, and I am all about it. After doing research and looking through everyone presets the ones that keep sticking out to me were the photos from Amber Fillerup's Barefoot Blonde Hair tour she did last year in Positano with Tezza and Jaci (who are amazing photographers!) I chose to purchase the Tezza Presets this year and have been loving them. You are able to still customize our image even after applying the preset if you want it to look a certain way. For example making the photo warmer / cooler, adjusting specific colors and the overall brightness of the image. You can see in the above photo the difference between the original image and the Tezza Preset image on the left. 

tip 2: lighting

Lighting is an aspect that can either make your shoot take 5 minutes or 50 minutes, in other words it is key! I used to be so specific on the lighting requirements for my images but since I can't always shoot right at sunset or sunrise I have had to get creative. Choosing certain locations as trees lining the road or positioning yourself in front of those locations can make for a better photograph. A few things I look for when choosing lighting; 1. shade or something that can be shaded, 2. sun is always behind me if possible, and 3. if the location is too bright adjust your camera setting as much as possible.  Once you have mastered the lighting aspect your photographs will really start to change. Trust me this is a process and one I still struggle with after almost 8 years. Ask my husband, I have no issue getting out of the car, snapping a photo and realizing the lighting won't work then heading to another location to do it all over again!

tip 3: shoot in manual mode
You want to make sure you are using your DSLR in manual mode at all times. If you have been using auto or another mode I suggest you switch it up! When shooting in manual you have so much more control over the coloring of your images which is helpful when dealing with tricky lighting or lighting that changes constantly. The closer you can get the images right in the camera the more exact and consistent your images will look even after applying your preset. There are so many great youtube video/tutorials for all kinds of DSLR cameras. Example, I shoot on a Canon 5D MarkII - so I would google Canon 5D MarkII manual mode tutorial and then search through which I can understand or relate too most. You will also want to make sure you are shooting your images in RAW format on your camera settings. When shooting in RAW you have more control over the editing process which will allow you to adjust without distorting the image. Heads up, RAW images are much larger and can not be emailed!

I hope these tips help you next time you're out shooting with your DSLR camera! You don't have to be a blogger or photographer to benefit from this post, anyone who uses a DSLR of any size and also wants to get to know Lightroom can follow these tips. If you ever have any questions at all feel free to email me and I will be happy to walk you through it!

I will be posting one more photography post in a few weeks on how I get my presets to my phone using the Lightroom CC app so stay tuned!


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