Monday, May 21, 2018

the perfect pink dress

The Okanagan is literally one of the most beautiful places this time of year! In the Spring all the orchard trees are blooming pretty pink and white flowers. Driving through town each hill side is all kinds of colors and the smell is just amazing! The blooms only last a few days only about 5-7 so you have to catch them just at the right time. If a big wind storm or rain comes they will mostly likely blow off so fingers are alway crossed for hot calm weather!

On a fashion note for today, I picked up this blush pink dress a few weeks ago when we were down in Bellingham! I am so in love with the pockets, the crochet mid section, and over all cut! I have been on the search for some comfy casual dresses to wear all summer and this one is it. I am actually still kicking myself I didn't buy it in black, I may have to order it online! 

shop this look:

Has anyone else been into Abercrombie & Fitch lately?! Oh man, did I just age myself?! A fun fact about me, I used to manage the A&F Flagship store in LA at The Grove shopping center in Hollywood! It was just after college and is actually what got me into photography and fashion. The company has changed so much since then, it is actually catering a little more to the adult 20-40 generation. The music is much softer, the walls are painted white, and the overwhelming smell of perfume which used to be pumped through the air vents (inside scoop!) has died down a lot. I could have spent hours browsing the store but I gave myself a budget and time frame. I did pick up two pairs of denim short, I LOVE Abercrombie shorts! Anyways, that is it for me today hope you enjoyed this post!