Wednesday, June 6, 2018

snaps from Revelstoke

Sorry I have been a little shy around here lately, wedding season is well under way and life as I know it has been busy. If you have been following on Instagram you will have noticed that we have been doing lots of traveling for work, weddings in all different cities! Last week Stephen and I were lucky enough to travel to Revelstoke, a small mountain town north east of the Okanagan up into the rockies. We had a wedding to photograph on the Saturday so we decided to go up a day early and explore a new town we had never been to!

Today I a going to be sharing all the places we ate, slept, and saw. It was a quick weekend but we managed to fit a lot in! This Spring we have been able  to explore all over BC, last month I posted about our time in Abbortsford for the Tulip Festival in case you missed it and what to check it out!

where we stayed:
The Regent Hotel is a old remodeled hotel from the 1920's right on main street in downtown Revelstoke. This historic hotel has all the characteristics and classic feels of the original building however has a nice modern touch. The brick walls, large chandeliers, and classic wood staircases are incredible! I can only imagine how popular this hotel was back in it's original days, the stories that these walls could tell if they talked. The rooms have all been remodel with a clean fresh boutique feel, the bed was one of the comfiest hotel beds we have ever slept in! The hotel is right in the middle of downtown so walking anyways only took 3-5 minutes.  As soon as we arrived in we dropped off our bags and headed out to explore!

what we did:
Since we had never been to Revelstoke before we weren't really sure what to expect. The town is very laid back, casual style, with a touch of modern. Everyone on the streets are saying hi to one another, there were plenty of classic bookstores and antique shops, and each street has a little trendy cafe to indulge in. Stephen and I spent some time walking up and down the streets, we walked over to the recreation center (the public facilities are incredibly taken care of!) and then headed to the park overlooking the amazing Columbia River. The views in this town were breath taking no matter which direction you looked! If you could imagine a lifetime or hallmark movie that takes place in a small town, this would be that town!

Saturday morning the farmers market took place right next to The Regent Hotel. We got the chance to quickly walk by but not spend much time as Saturday was the wedding we were photographing. Instead we work up early and before the wedding we headed up to scout some locations at Mount Revelstoke Nation Park which is just 6 minutes up from Main Street (I found that literally everything in Revelstoke is between 4-9 minutes away.) We discovered Meadows in the Sky Parkway, it is a beautiful drive with a bunch of stops along the way to the top. You can pull over and hike, sight see, camp.  The entire way to the top was not yet open, by the end of June all the snow will be gone and the wild flowers will be blooming. We plan on going back if we can sneak away this summer!

where we ate:
I felt like we spent most our weekend away either eating or photographing. The food was sure good!

lunch: We arrived on Friday and were starving! We found a little Mexican restaurant called The Taco Club just a block away from our hotel. Stephen was definitely in the mood for a burrito and I was starving so really didn't care. It was delicious! We both had the shredded pork, Stephen had a burrito and I had 2 tacos. 

dinner: On Friday night we headed downstairs to the fine dinning restaurant called 112 in the Regent Hotel. We had not been to a nice dinner in some time so we decided since it was parents night out, let's go crazy! The dinner met all expectations and then some. Stephen had the NY Strip with what he says was the best sauce he has ever tasted and I had the fresh BC Salmon which was fabulous a well. The atmosphere in the restaurant was romantic, quaint, and relaxed. Our server Jade was so fun and outgoing, she did an amazing job at explaining the menu to me. If you are anything like me fancy menus are a little confusing (maybe I need to get out more often?!) so I always need someone to do a little extra explaining without judgment that is!

breakfast: Saturday morning I woke up bright and early, being a little anxious about the wedding I needed to have a great breakfast. Stephen is a sleeper so while he was snoozing away I headed down to the complimentary breakfast at The Regent called, Mt Begbie Cafe. I wasn't expecting much since it was a complimentary breakfast but I was so wrong! They had everything from eggs, sausage, potatoes, to a bunch of fresh fruit, a cereal/oatmeal bar, fresh baked pastries, you name it they had it! The Cafe even had an espresso machine so you could make your own lattes, espressos, any coffees or teas you would want. It was the perfect way to start my busy Saturday that was ahead of me!

late night eats: After the wedding was over we both were still hungry so we stopped in at the River City Pub + Patio located at our hotel for a late night drink and finger food. The inside has pool tables, games, and a stage for live music on Saturdays, then there was an outside patio if you were looking for something a bit quieter. Since we were beyond exhausted from the day we chose to just put our feet up outside and listen to the live music through the open doors. Enjoying parma friends and chicken wings with a cider was the perfect way to end the evening!

We really did enjoy our couple of days in Revelstoke. The cutest little mountain town surrounded by the flowing Columbia River and tall Rookie Mountains with snow top peaks, the town has so much to offer. The wedding we captured was break taking (photo below for you to view!) there were over 300 people who attended, which we later found out both the bride and groom and their families are from Revelstoke so it kind of like those small town stories, a special couple gets married everyone in town comes to celebrate.... pretty amazing and special to be apart of!

A big thank you to The Regent Hotel for hosting and feeding us through out the weekend! We really enjoyed out stay and can not wait to come back again later in the summer. As always all opinions and reviews are my own. 


lee taylor said...

Revelstoke is so picturesque! Love all of your shots but that first one is particularly breath taking!!


Rebecca said...

WOW!!! This looks like an amazing trip!! Gorgeous photos!

xx Rebecca

Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

What an amazing trip! The rooms at the hotel look so beautiful to stay at. All of the food sounds great! And the picture of you with the mountain as a backdrop was gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Looks so amazing. The food definitely looks delicious. I probably would be going to those restaurants repeatedly just to enjoy the food.

Iesha aka Lesh

Lizzie said...

This looks so amazing! I'm loving all of your gorgeous photos!


Unknown said...

Revelstoke looks so amazing!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time eating and photographing your way through your visit.

xo, Laura

On the DL Lifestyle said...

This place looks like a dream! Thanks for sharing. XX, Donna

Maggie said...

Looks stunningly beautiful there!!

Unknown said...

This place looks gorgeous! I love all your looks too!

Lindsay said...

I have never heard of this town before but it is so dreamy! You got some beautiful captures

Dorothy Bell said...

wow! I love that dress of yours :)

Lester S. Bosworth said...


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