Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Farm House; Master Bedroom Reveal

I have been working on this post for some time and am finally getting it up for you today! Decorating a new home can take time, lots of stress, and honestly when you live in a small town where store like Ikea, Target, and Homegoods are not available it can get a bit discouraging. I decided to make the master bedroom the last room in the house to finish and have been collecting pieces over the last several months. It wasn't until just recently that the last few finishing touches came in and it now feels so good to rest our heads down in a peaceful, clean and organized space. Small farmhouse living at its best! Take a look...

In our last home we had an entire gallery wall of black and white framed photos (I posted this photo on instagram of the frame set up!) however in this house we don't have a big open wall so I had to get creative. I wanted to keep our room simple so it didn't feel too crowded, too much stuff = clutter and falling over one another! I decided to use some of the white frames from the gallery wall and have one large line of black & white prints instead of a bunch of frames. I haven't decided if I will eventually add another few rows or just keep it as one. 

I love our simple white bedside tables, you can see our last bedroom reveal I posted a couple years ago when we were renting. The tables worked for that house but here in our small 807 sq ft carriage house I am wondering if I should invest in some larger side tables (since I do still have about a foot more space on each side) with drawers to add additional storage. We have mastered the small house living fairly well but I am also looking how to use the most of our space. 

I had som many questions on a instastorie I posted a couple weeks ago on the "I LOVE US" wood print about our bed. How AMAZING is it?! I want to thank William Rae Designs for the gift, it was the perfect touch to our bedroom. They are a Canadian company based out of Alberta and have amazing pieces! Also, thank you to Natural Area Rugs for the softest jute rug I have ever seen. It is the perfect rug for our bedroom, the dog hair can barely be seen :)

shop the items below:
I love us sign c/o William Rae Designs
rug c/o Natural Area Rugs
bench c/o Hayneedle
nightstands c/o Hayneedle 
all other odds and ends are from; winners, ross, marshalls.


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