Thursday, August 28, 2014

Enza: August Duo

Shea lotion & shower gel c/o Enza

Okay, you have heard me talk about Enza a lot this summer and I am not about to stop. I seriously love their products, if I didn't trust be I would not allow it to take over my bloggy. As we come to a close on summer it is still sumer important to keep your skin hydrated each and every day! In the month of August (just a few days oft) if you buy the Shea Butter body polish you will receive the shower gel free!!! WooHoo! make sure you use code: BOGOCLASSIC at check out. Enjoy your thursday and happy shopping! 
Wednesday, August 27, 2014

cream dress + denim vest

dress: ya-ya // denim vest: Forever21 // bag c/o Kardashian Kollection // shoes c/o LuLu*s // ball bracelet c/o Brooklyn designs 

can you believe it this dress is a hand-me-down from my grandmother? well she is not just any grandma, she is one fashionable dress in couture grandma! I am just loving the light airy flow of the dress it is perfect for this arizona hot summer nights. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

how to dress: Football Season

tee: Victoria Secret PINK // shorts: Abercrombie // shoes: Converse // bag: Target // hat: Arizona Cardinals Pro Shop // necklace c/o Onecklace // lips: hue by MAC

Ladies the wonderful season of football is upon us. Now we can either take this two ways: 1. embrace the madness and join in on the football fun OR 2. whine and complain 4 nights a week for  what will seem like an eternity! Although I will admit football is not my all time favorite pass time I have decided to go with option one and embrace what will be on my TV all day Sunday (bye bye Kardashians!)

If you are single or in a relationship hanging with your man and his friends you want to have some sort of idea what is happening on the television during the games so my advice: don't be sacred to ask questions! I do all of the time, it shows the guy (or guys) you may actually care even if just a little. And once you start to know the players there are some real hotties you can start to root for! 

Now comes down to my favorite part of Sunday's dressing for the game! You never wanna be that girl at the sports bar in her heels, dress, and oversized bag for Sunday's big games. Its's usually crowded, beer is spilling everywhere, and most of the time your jammed into a chair that is most likely in the back. (Sorry ladies it seems even if we do care a little we don't get front row seats, leave that for fashion week!) My home state is the wonderful Arizona Cardinals, home of the Super Bowl 2015 (!!!) so I have really taken a liking to my cardinals gear. I found this shirt above from Victoria Secret PINK collection. Yes ladies Victoria Secret is even telling you to get on board. You can find almost any NFL team on their website (HERE) and they have the cutest shirts without being tooooo girly. I paired the VS shirt with my fav. cut off's from Abercrombie, threw on my white chucks and grabbed a little satchel bag. Since looking sporty is fun and usually by Sunday's you are on day three hair I love my Cardinals hat to finish off my outfit. Jewels are simple just some standard hoops and a necklace and i'm all set!

So ladies time to RISE UP and join in on the football fun this year if you haven't already done so. This post goes to show even boys football games can be made into outfit planning!! Happy Monday!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

neon + sequins

shirt: LuLu*s // shorts: Bongo // clutch: Oasap // rings + bracelets: Forever21 // necklace: LuLu*s // flip-flops: Old Navy // lips: MAC 'snob

after 4 days of being bed ridden I am finally up and feeling better which means back to blogging. I wont get into details but Friday afternoon I started feeling sick long story short I ended up in the emergency room around 5am Saturday and have been doped up on antibiotics + pain medication since. this just goes to show that we all need a little break now + again and we must MUST listen to our bodies when they are trying to tell us to slow down. I was going to attempt to work Sunday + Monday but decided not too and really just fully rest both physically + mentally! a littler advice for the hump day is to not get wrapped up in hustling all the time, work hard but also take some personal time for yourself!

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stesha Jordan Photography: Maternity

I am so excited to take some time today and share a little photography I have been working on this summer. as many of you may know {and if your new, you now know!} when I am not blogging I am a photographer. typically I specialize in portrait photography, i.e. weddings, engagements, maternity,  family, + of course fashion photos. I looove seeing families grow and develop it's like I almost become apart of them myself.. almost :) 

2014 has definitely been year of the babies. I have had so many newborn & maternity sessions this year it is cra zay! I absolutely love maternity photos. they are romantic, loving, sentimental, and elegant. here are two of my favorite sessions from this summer done here locally in Arizona. I hope you enjoy!

thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed my work. any inquires about having photos taken for your event email me at: 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

bows in your hair

shirt: Forever21 // shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch // clutch c/o LuLu*s // necklace: Forever21 // watch: MK // flip fops: Old Navy // lips: MAC 'snob' mixed with 'vegas volt'

who says you can't wear a bow in your hair after the age of 15? well, I am here to let you know you definitely can. I was on day 3 of no washing of the hair + even in a pony it looked greasy so I snagged the white bow off of my tiffany's box + tied it in my hair! as floral stays trending on through the fall I fell in love with this top and it neutral colors. the deep orange-reds are versatile working with the end of summer and definitely will be in my color pallet for fall.

here are some more options for fun florals:

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crazy for converse


I have always had a thing for shoes. and when I say shoes I mean actual shoes! yes I love heels, + sandals, + flats, + boots but there is a special place in my heart for shoes. every year I purchase a new pair of all white shoes (to go with my obsession of all white dresses) but this year I have been pulled towards my all favorite Chuck Taylor's but this time in colors & patterns. I  put together this little collage of some of my favorites new styles that I can't wait to get in my closet + on my feet!