Monday, July 8, 2019

roadtrip - Cannon Beach

part two: Cannon Beach, OR, USA March 19th-20th, 2019

I visited Cannon Beach about 6 years ago while passing thorough on a road trip and since then I have always wanted to go back. This little beach town in Oregon is incredible. Breathtaking to say the least. We left Vancouver on Tuesday March 19th, picked up Sofia at 10:00am and hit the road. Unfortunately we got caught at the border in the LONGEST line of our lives. Over 3 hours of waiting. Patiently or NOT patiently we waited. The girls and I took the dogs on a walk around the park at the border, we had lunch in the car, we played games and we slowly saw our time in Cannon Beach getting shorter and shorter. Once we got through the border we ended up hitting Seattle traffic and then we hit Tacoma traffic plus we were stopping for the dogs to pee and give Lyla a break from the car seat. 

We had plans of arriving in at our Hotel in Cannon Beach around 4:00pm so we could have a bonfire and dinner on the beach. It was 75 degrees and sunny that evening which is unheard of when talking about the Oregon Coast. Unfortunately we didn't arrive in until 8:30pm and everything was dark. We relaxed in the hotel and snacked on what we had in the car for dinner and decided if we head to bed early we can get up and hit the beach in the morning before leaving for the next destination. Here are some amazing photos (my favorite of the trip!) from our morning in Cannon Beach, OR. 

where we stayed: The Wayside Inn
We weren't too sure on what dog friendly beach hotels would look like and we were pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness and hospitality of The Wayside Inn. The room was spacious with two queen beds and a little kitchenette. They had two dog baskets with treats, dogs bowls, dogs sheets, dog towels all lined up in the cutest display. It was the coziest sleep we had on the trip so much so that Lyla slept her first entire night. (If you follow on instagram you will have known that is a bog deal for that little babe!) The photo above is taken across the street facing The Wayside Inn and directly behind me is a little park that lead right to the beach. There was also a cute little pool that Sofia was begging to go in but unfortunately there just wasn't enough time. 

We didn't get the chance to eat out or experience much that this cute town has to offer. We had a big 7 hour day ahead of us to the Redwoods and we didn't want to arrive to that destination in the dark. Especially because we were camping in the car that evening (just you wait for that post to go live!! haha!) We woke up to a beautiful sunrise, packed the car and headed down to the beach for some photos and let the dogs run wild before we cooped them up in the car again. Sofia ran around loving the beach until she went too far in and a wave covered her from the waist down. She quickly realized the water was freezing but that didn't stop her from having a great time. 

Our time was short but that day has some of our favorite memories. Already thinking of when we can plan a trip back to experience that cute town in full and snap some more incredible photos.  Fingers crossed it will happen in the neat future. Next road trip post will be all about the Redwood Forest and how we camped in our car in Crescent City, CA!

disclaimer on this post: I actually lost a bunch of photos from this portion of our amazing trip. I did an update on my laptop and it totally cleared my hard drive! I was devastated. I salvaged what  I would from what was left on other memory cards and what I had sent my phone but still a large portion of photos were lost. 


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