Wednesday, July 10, 2019

sister sister

Here is a little throw back post of you featuring some of the cutest photos of Lyla and Sofia that never got published! Take a look....

Can someone please tell me how my baby is three months old already?!  Time is flying by way too quickly which was such a big fear of mine before Lyla was born.  Her new faces she makes, her little  coos, she's grabbing things with her hands and she thinks the dogs are fascinating. She also loves sitting up and observing what is happening around her at all times. The over your shoulder hold is officially no longer! Everyone would tell me that each new stage of a baby's life is the best stage, and even though I am sad time is going by quickly I do love watching her evolve!

Besides time, another fear I have is that I wouldn't be prepared for all these different stages Lyla is going to be entering. The "new born" stage was amazing. The snuggles, the naps, the smells but I knew that wouldn't last forever and in the back of my mind I was constantly thinking, How will I know what to do when she enters the next stage? How will I be prepared? Will I have the right items I need? Will she like the toys and gear I have for her? All these questions would race through my mind constantly. With a little confidence and some help I know we can make it through all stages!

In the past couple of weeks Lyla has really loved looking around at her surroundings. If you are holding her it better be outwards or else you will get an ear full until she gets her way! This can get to be a lot on the arms when holding her, and laying down the ground for tummy time or back makes her frustrated. With some help from Fisher-Price® and the Fisher-Price® See & Soothe™ Deluxe Bouncer they sent us, Lyla loves perching up carefully observing all the activity going on in the house. The Fisher-Price® See & Soothe™ Deluxe Bouncer is higher off the ground than other bouncer chairs so it really lets her feel like she is part of the action and not tucked away in the corner somewhere. The unique leaf design with muted colors allows me to leave the bouncer in the front room without it sticking out like a sore thumb. It fits in right next to the couch, goes with the front room decor and allows Lyla to have her own little place. Often times we turn on the music (it has over 20 minutes of songs and sound!) which keeps Lyla occupied. Ever since Lyla was born Sof would say she couldn't wait till Lyla could laugh and talk with her.  The Fisher-Price® See & Soothe™Deluxe Bouncer allows for the girls to sit face to face and blab all they want at each other!

I am sure these next few months are going to go by even faster, I better buckle my seatbelt and hold on tight! 

* Thank you to Fisher-Price® for sponsoring this post, as always all opinions and statements are my own! The Fisher-Price® See & Soothe™Deluxe Bouncer can be purchased at Babies R us!


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