Wednesday, June 19, 2019

20 weeks postpartum update

I received a notification from my pregnancy app letting me know my baby is 20 weeks old... insert huge eyes and a big WHAT! first off, I stopped counting Lyla in weeks at around 8 or 9... she became two months. I was not going to be that mom who had a 92 week old baby! I had forgotten how many weeks she was but remember very vividly counting my pregnancy in weeks. each week was a huge deal to me. we read the pregnancy app religiously as a family to see how Lyla was developing in my tummy. I still remember to this day, my water broke at 38 and 4 and she was delivered at 38 and 6.  couldn't tell you at all what week or day Lyla is now but it doesn't matter she is almost 5 months haha! I wanted to write a little updated 20 weeks postpartum of how both I and Lyla are doing. You can read the 20 weeks bumpdate here

jacket // dress (non maternity but great for a bump, so comfy and NOT nursing friendly, I took this off after these photos because impossible to breastfeed in) // shoes 
Lyla: headband via Hobby Lobby // shorts // onsie hand-me-down from gap

Lyla Rose: this sweet girl has kept me on my toes her entire life. the first 2 months were rough, really rough but now we are crusin! a few regressions here and there but for the most part she is one happy baby.

LOVES: petting her pups, sucking on blankets, her little toy elephant that comes with us everywhere, having her face wiped is the funnest thing to her, baths, and lots if smiles!

DISLIKES: tummy time (although getting better at it), wind, being hot, having her clothes changed

SKILLS: she rolls over from back to front ALL The TIME! then cries when she is on her tummy and refuses to roll back haha. almost sitting, grabbing everything and anything, sucking on her toes!

PHYSICAL CHANGES: she has lost almost all her hair, has her two bottom teeth poking through (teething is tough!) the biggest dark dark brown eyes (that everyone seems to comment on!) her skin has lightened a lot since birth but still has the olive tone.  still looks just like her daddy!

SLEEP: currently still sleeping in our room in her bassinet with a doc a tot. goes down for the night between 6 and 6:30 and until the last two weeks she woke once for a feed then back down till 6:30/7am. the last two weeks (most of June) she has regressed to waking multiple times a night, we are working on that!

MAMA: wow, postpartum is weird! the emotional changes, the physical changes, and life in general is just different. 

WEIGHT: I am back down to my pre pregnancy weight but my body is not at all back to how it used to look. lots of loose skin and weight in different areas that before. I have been doing lots of walking and the BBG workouts here and there, not consistently like I should be. I need to work on that. Overall feeling much more life myself each day. oh, and high waisted pants are life, hold that loose tummy in!

PHYSICALLY: my hair is falling out in clumps, just like Lyla's haha! each shower I take, each time I brush my hair more and more comes out. I knew this would happen but still the shock is real. my skin is back to being sensitive and not nearly as clear or "glowing" as it was during pregnancy. I miss my pregnancy skin, that was amazing! I have back pain and I always show Stephen where it is and blame it on the epidural however he reassures me the pain is NO WHERE near where the epidural was soooo that much just be from carrying around my babe. 

MENTALLY: besides being extremely exhausted some days overall I am doing great. I love being a mom, of course at times its overwhelming but I really wouldn't trade it for anything. Lyla is my little bestie, I take her everywhere with me even to work. she loves sitting in wrap or sling and observing all that is around her. I get emotional when I think of her growing up but I believe that is a normal feeling. 

there you have it, a little update on how we are both doing since birth. we are excited to enjoy the summer together and continue to learn and grow each day!

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