Friday, September 14, 2018

Gender Reveal: Baby Girl Puckett

Last month we were able to throw together a little BaByQ gender reveal party with some friends and family! We have been working so hard on the yard, both front and back all summer long. It was just one year ago we were able to move into our little farm house and we have a one year goal to get the house presentable! If you remember our initial home post (here) our little cozy farmhouse is only 807 sq ft, so when having a party/bbq/people over ever we need to be OUTSIDE! We are lucky enough to have a huge enclosed deck and lots of grass to run and play. 

Our goal was to have the yard ready but the end of summer. I wanted to have a little gender reveal party but mostly it was an excuse to have our friends and family over to see what we have been working on. I also felt that if I gave Stephen a deadline he would be sure to get the work done! If you remember on Instagram and from this backyard patio inspiration post I was trying to find the best use for our deck area to accommodate seating. Take a look a what we have accomplished so far...

We decided to go with the hanging hammock chairs and garden stools, I am SO happy we did! I love the hammock chairs, they are a total hit and so comfortable to relax in. A major suggestion was that if we had space why not go for BOTH the hammock chairs AND the love seat? I wasn't sure if we would have enough space for both but it turns out it might actually be the best option. I think that will be a project for next year. Another HUGE addition we added to the deck this summer was our oversized farm table that my most loving husband built himself! Since we have such a small interior most (I mean all!) of our entertainment is done outside. I wanted a large table where we could throw a fest on and everyone dive in. It turned out perfectly! 

Our BaByQ was a total success. It was so fun to have our friends and family there to celebrate with us!  Of course living in the Okanagan we can never guarantee the weather will work in our favor, we did have some rain and a bunch of wind but nothing big enough to ruin our evening! If anyone knows me at all they know I am THE worst secret keeper ever. I literally had to avoid everyone for the 6 weeks we knew the gender when no one else did. It was so hard for me to not slip up. For that reason we started the evening off with the big reveal and did the eating and celebrating after!

We took a poll just before we revealed on if everyone thought baby was a BOY or GIRL. The vote was 15 boy to 9 girl. We had been hearing for weeks that everyone was sure it was going to be a boy. They just knew it! There was some surprised faces when we found out that Baby Puckett is in fact a GIRL and no one is more excited about it than Sofia! Stephen and I too of course but Sofia's reaction was incredible. She would say she would love the baby either way, but she always so she would never be "lucky enough" to get a baby sister. She was prepared for a baby brother, so when that pink smoke blew up when she hit the ball it was the best surprise of her life. 

We are almost half way there, awaiting for Baby Girl is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I can't wait till she arrives!

Backyard Decor:
hammock chairs c/o wayfair
blue garden stool c/o wayfair
rug c/o wayfair
table - handmade


Jane Clifford | Typically Jane said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Congratulations! I am so excited for you.

Jen said...

Awww this is awesome! Congrats!!!

Unknown said...

These are just so amazing photos. I am in love with each and every shot. These photos are making me want to host a baby shower for my own wife. She is expecting twins and I think a golden party at the outdoor New York venues would be best. I am sure she would love my surprise party.