Thursday, September 6, 2018

Okanagan Summer: Pear Picking Adventure

Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and OnStar and have received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

Okanagan Summers are one for the books, always. Every year you can count on beautiful weather, warm lakes, fresh fruit from the local orchards, and lots of outdoor time! We spent last summer building our home so this summer we wanted to take full advantage to get adventurous with exploring the Okanagan in full. If you have been following along on here for some time or on Instagram you know we made it a priority to explore lots of what BC has to offer, even what is in our own back yard!

Fresh fruit is a total hit in our household! Sofia loves almost any fruit you give her and the most recent obsession is Pears. Last year we went peach picking, remember this post? Earlier in the Summer Stephen and I spent a morning cherry picking, I posted an instagram here of it! So when Pear season came into play we knew Sof would be all over it. We spent a day driving around to different orchards Pear picking and then headed off to have a picnic overlooking the Lake!

Our family loves to be adventurous, however here in BC, in a new country and an entirely new atmosphere than Arizona so we take lots of safety precautions when planning our trips. Even if just a day trip! With elements like weather, unexpected wildlife, and the road conditions we always make sure we are set in case of an emergency at any time.  Small town living doesn't provide much to do in an urban setting so we take our fun into into our own hands which typically comes with a good story or two!

A feature we have turned too since moving to BC is OnStar in our vehicle. OnStar is a service available to help you as the driver in a time of need. Whether it is a crisis situation such as a car accident, or lost in a place you are not familiar with, or say you hit wildlife or get a flat tire. All of these situations have happened to us in our adventures and we are fortunate enough to have OnStar there to help! A simple press of a little red button and a live person is available to help you in any situation.

OnStar was a priority for safety especially when it is just Sofia and I taking an adventure or me driving all over the valley for work. At times I am driving 2-3 hours each way in the dark at which any situation can happen. Having the comfort of a service such as OnStar brings peace of mind to both Stephen and myself as we take these little adventures in our new homeland! We can't wait for our next adventure, this fall we are planning a fishing and camping trip, cannot wait to see how that goes!

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