Friday, August 31, 2018

bumpdate: first trimester

I am finally getting around to giving you my first bumpdate! Many times I feel like my days are going so slow, yet my weeks are flying by. Today I am going to share everything from my first trimester including; symptoms, cravings/aversions, pregnancy must haves, and what I am looking forward too!

how far along: today, August 17th, I am 15 weeks 5 days

baby size: 10.2 cm & 71 grams - size of an orange or avocado depending on which app you are looking at :)

weight gained: this is tricky because i never weighed myself until week 10... whoops! I had gained weight due to the fertility meds for the 3 months prior so rough estimate is 5 lbs or 1.5lb from week 10. 

symptoms: The first trimester was a rough one for me. I was extremely nauseous all day (who ever came up with morning sickness must never have been pregnant, it is all day sickness!) and exhausted. I mean I would take 2-3 hour naps daily. This was also difficult for me since June was THE busiest month of my life with both work and personal life but I did manage to push through. I started to experience physical changes almost immediately! My boobs grew instantly, the bloat is real (!!) and I have never had so much gas in my life haha! They say the first trimester is the hardest and I believe them. I also made approximately 10 trips to the bathroom a night, thats to the rise in progesterone I literally peed every waking minute of my life.  I felt my symptoms for the day I found out I was pregnant. In fact I had woke up more than usually the pee the night before I took my test!

cravings: My cravings have been random and not too over powering. One item I craved immediately was milk, which I am not a milk drinker at all. I have eaten cheerios with blueberries every single morning since week 4. I also gravitated towards more salty foods like potato chips instead of sweets, I really wanted Sonic ice cubes (we dont have Sonic in Canada so that was rough!) the little candy sour keys, and lots of bread. Not sure if bread was a craving or the only thing I could eat that would make me feel better. I also ate McDonalds for the first time in about 25years, chicken nuggets and fries. Stephen almost fell out of his chair when I came home with a bag of McDonalds. I definitely didn't eat veggies or anything of real health in the first trimester besides fruit. I always said I would be the healthiest pregnant women ever, my baby will be SOOO healthy... hahaha thats something someone who's never been pregnant says!

aversions: At first I didn't have many aversions until about week 7 when my sense of smell highhanded and I couldn't stand the smell of anything. I couldn't even go into the kitchen, but if someone cooked for me I would eat it. The only thing I couldn't eat was Salmon! I believe that was only because I had fish oil in my prenatals and would take me sick, so the smell of fish was a no go for me. Also, ice cream doesn't sit well... I am being serious! I thought that was one part of being pregnant every woman got to enjoy? It makes me so nauseous so I have been eating greet your with freshly fruit instead. 

* I drafted this post on the 17th of August and never posted it. I am posting today, but obviously lots have changed in the last two weeks. I will give another update soon. But next week I will be sharing our gender reveal BaByQ (did you see on Instagram?!) and will do another pump update soon!
Thank you all for your support along the way!

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