Tuesday, March 29, 2016

plaid pastels

top // jeans // bag // shoes // lips // necklace // bangle

Hello + Happy Tuesday! Can someone please tell me how 2016 is flying by so fast? I mean Easter has come and gone, next thing we know it will be memorial day.... crazy! I picked up this spring plaid tank top last week while browsing through Old Navy, it comes in 2 pastel colors (purple + green!) and it immediately caught my eye. This tank is perfect for the upcoming hot summer months, especially living here in Arizona where I am waiting for the temps to reach 100 degrees... any day now! At that time, I will have to go back to shooting my outfits at 6 am to avoid any and all sweat marks!

On a side note, I am loving these sandals (also scored at Old Navy on sale!) knowing full well Stephen will have some sort of snappy comment about them. Once I walked out in my outfit he asked if I was channeling my inner Asian side?! Why yes Stephen, that was my total goal! (inset sarcasm voice)  See Stephen is half Vietnamese, so any Asian joke he can make he will take full advantage of. Now when I look at my sandals I will think... Asian + Fabulous!

shop my exact look below:

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Scribble-N-Dash said...

Love Old Navy & your entire outfit! :)