Friday, March 30, 2012

lace me


Since being in California last week my house is a complete disaster.  I dont think I even have one article of clothing left hanging in my closet.  You know when you have "nothing" to wear, and so you naturally throw all your ugly why do i still own you  perfectly acceptable clothes all over the floor, and yet your freaking you because your running late..... That was my morning! Guess this weekend will consist of a little laundry and some shopping! Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and enjoy your weekend!!!!



Lauren said...

Those shorts! I DIE :) Must have!

CALLIE said...

So cute!! And yes, I had one of those nights last night, trying to find something to wear to a wedding shower this weekend. Happens every time!

henning love said...

oh my gosh those shorts are amazing!! and they fit so well on your amazing bod, is that a little creepy i just said that. well you look HOT in those shorts love

Unknown said...

So cute Stesha!! Where did you find those? I am obsessed with lace this season!

Lauren said...

Those short are sooo adorable! Where did you get them? I hate some pairs of lace shorts I've seen, but love others... Of course I can never find ones I love in stores near me and I'm deathly afraid of buying pants/shorts online (so much harder to size than shirts).

Unknown said...

Lovely outfit, so pretty! Love the shorts xx

Shannon Marie said...

I keep pinning photos of lace shorts.... I think it's time I go make a purchase :) Love yours! So fun!

Anonymous said...

You are too cute! And I don't have the legs to pull off those shorts YET but when I do I'm definitely going to get some! They are sooo so cute!


Because Shanna Said So said...

Little hottie...I wish I could pull those off...smokin', my friend!

Unknown said...

Ha, pretty much the story of my life!! LOVE those lace shorties! You are adorable, and seriously if this is what you 'scrounge' together off the floor...I. want. your. wardrobe. ;) Happy Weekend, love!
XO, Jessica

Redheaded Daybook said...

omgosh! these shorts are freaking cute!!! where did you get them?!. i NEED a pair

Miss Amy said...

I still don't get lace shorts!!! I feel like it's lingerie! haha!

aubrey kinch said...

I'm not even going to lie- after your striped dress & blazer post I bought that exactly.

Last night I was browsing through Forever 21 & spotted some super cute lace shorts... I didn't think I could pull them off.

Now I want them. I guess the right top, accessories and attitude make the outfit!


Unknown said...

LOVE those shorts!!

Cori H. said...

So cute! I wish I had the legs to pull that off!

Karen said...

You are so beautiful! I love those shorts- so pretty :)

<3 Karen from

Jill said...

pretty. i love your hair :)

Emily Meyers said...

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Hope to see you there! Thanks!

Petchie said...

I LOVE those Shorts!!!!! I'm so jealous, I want a pair!!


stephanie said...

I loooove those shorts!!

Ashlyn | Let It Be Beautiful said...

these shorts are so cute twin! where did you find them? i found a pair at express but hated them! so hard to find them online too.

hope you had a great weekend!
xx. ashlyn

Kirsten said...

You are adorable!!
I loove those shorts! They are perfect!!!


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