Wednesday, March 30, 2016

wedding wednesday

I have been thinking about my wedding since I was a little girl. I mean, every girl has right? It wasn't a detailed dream or vision, I just knew I had prince charming by my side and my location was outside in the middle of a tall hay field. Well, I have found my prince, (I posted our engagement story a few months back!) and now it is time to start planning. It has been 4 months and I haven't done my but the past three weeks I have been getting my butt in gear! I have started Wedding Wednesdays on instagram, and now I have decided to bring it each week to the blog! Hope you enjoy following along on my planning journey!

I started with purchasing this wedding planner/organizer (under $20!) to help keep all my little details organized!

We have not yet chosen a venue, we are headed up to Canada in May to see a potential finalist, however I have been doing research and know exactly what I want my tables to look like. When I say tables, I mean both of them. We are not having a traditional reception, more of an intimate dinner with about 50 guests. So my vision is two long tables of 25 side by side. and I want brass. Brass candlesticks with tall white candles! When doing research online, I was finding brass candlesticks for extreme amount of $$. I could rent them very expensively or searching Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, etc were 2 for $50 or 6 for $75. Some not awful but still not great. Plus I am wanting LOTS of candlesticks. 

I decided to check the local Goodwill right next to our home, and found 3 brass candlesticks for about 2.99 a piece. Score! Then I looked at the signage and saw the following Saturday was 50% off Saturdays.... what!!!! That Saturday after my morning photoshoot I hauled Stephen to 5 different Goodwills and we purchased 32 brass candlestick for under $50!!! It was the happiest bride moment I have had yet! Take look below of just some of the candlesticks I picked up!

This week I have been thinking of colors and textures. Ivory, lace, sequin, tulle, golds, and greenery! I have been staring at these textures all week, we will see what I decide on! 

Thats all for todays Wedding Wednesday, see you next week!

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