Wednesday, October 31, 2012

trick for a treat


Happy Halloween!
I will be curled up on the couch eating candy and watching scary movies all day and night. Boo!
Tuesday, October 30, 2012

pink is the color

jeans: Paige Denim, shirt: Q, necklace: Etsy (Peter Pan), flats: Target

We are coming into the last few days of October and I bet you are asking yourself why I am in a tank blouse? As I see most of you blogging beauties are bundled in fabulous winter get-up, I am still living in 90+ degrees here in Arizona. As much has having mild winters is amazing, being a lover of long sleeves and boots makes it difficult to not want to be in a state where snow is almost on its way. Anywho love bugs enough about the weather, I got the newest People magazine the other day with none other than Mr. Timberlake and the nows Mrs. Timberlake in a P I N K wedding dress! Pink?! Now, after I got over the initial shock that Justin is off the market, I could not help but think to myself if I would sport the pink dress. I know in the blog industry we are all fashion forward so I wanted to get your thoughts. SO, what is the dress yay or nay?

Monday, October 29, 2012


Happy Monday bloggie friends! I have missed you terribly, it is not even funny! I have great news.... I have a new computer, and I am 90% done getting all my applications and files organized and transferred. Man it has been a lot of work. Lesson learned, stay organized with your computer, because when a crisis hits it is much easier to handle! I had such a busy weekend of photography, a beautiful wedding, an engagements session, and lots of editing. I am behind on my editing due to the computer issues so this is a small post, will be back to normal by the end of the week. As for something to think about today; eat a cupcake and watch my favorite couple tonight!! 

The beautiful bride and groom from Saturday's Wedding!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

when it rains...

Today will be a different post than normal, biggest difference.... no photos! Eeeep, what you say? No photos? Yes, and let me to you why. So I have a Mac Book that I got 3 days before I graduated from college. I had a Dell and it crashed  right in the middle of finals, so I had to run down and buy a new computer to get through the last 3 days. So I bought my beloved Mac Book, it's pretty and white and oh just wonderful. Until now. Over the summer I have been having a few little lets say "issues" with my computer. I added more memory, I updated my software for my internet, new software for photo shop, anything I cold update I did. I mean after all this is my beloved Mac Book. Space has been limited, and with the more photos I add in RAW format the less and less space is being available for use. Issue #1: I can not add any more photos because my disk is full. Ok no worries Ill transfer a bunch to my external hard drive. Issue #2: My external hard drive is not appearing on my computer. a minute goes by, 2 minutes, 3... and a notification appears, you can view your hard drive but you can not add. WHAT! why? Ok, this is my computer what's wrong with it? I jump on and make an appointment with Apple and I rush down to see them.... here is the convo:
Apple Guy (AG): So uh how important is the information on this hard drive?
Stesha (S): Uh Very, How come?
AG: On a scale of 1-10 will you be ok with out it?
S: A million!! No I will not be ok, I am a blogger and a photographer this is my life!
AG: Okayyyy, well the hard drive is blown, you are going to want to get that info off of it ASAP! BUT you have no room on your computer so I am not sure what to tell you. Maybe buy a new hard drive and transfer it. 
S: breathing hard, ok fine. But what about my computer. My internet wont let me update my internet and it always says my disk is full
AG: Yeah, looks like you have a computer that is held together by band aids and you have started to bleed again. Its like driving a car that barely runs to California and then being stranded in another state by yourself. 
S: Are you telling me I need a new computer?
AG: I am 98% sure you will need a new computer to do any further activity
S: Awesome. Do you have a chair where I can sit down?
So I can not save a picture, edit a picture or take one off of my computer at the moment. I can not view my own website and pinterest wont allow me to fetch pins. I am heading to Apple at 10am today to purchase a new computer, then I will be heading to best buy to get a new external hard drive and then I will be sitting at home trying to save all my photos before the rain really starts to pours! Happy Monday blog world!
Friday, October 19, 2012

sequins for any occasion

pants and shirt: Marshall's, shoes: F2, watch and earrings: Francescas Collection, lips: revlon butter color - Raspberry Pie

Happy Friday! I am so excited it is the weekend, it is going to be a busy one. Tonight I get to go to "bikes and bars" party. My bff puts it on every year and we all ride bikes around to many different bars and restaurants. Saturday I am headed up north to Flagstaff AZ for some photo sessions, and then rushing home to go to a haunted house at night. I have never been to a haunted house before so I am really looking forward to it. Busy busy but lots of great activities this weekend! You can follow the events of my weekend on instagram @classicandbubbly 
What do you have planned for this weekend?!


Thursday, October 18, 2012


Alright, this is a giveaway you are going to make sure you want to enter. The blogging world consists of photos...often! We all have our DSLR cameras we hall to every event, taking photos of our outfits, our food, our other halfs, and anything we see that grabs our attention! Whether you are a Canon girl or Nikon we can all use a little style for our camera! You can win a fabulous hand made camera strap from the Etsy shop See Lori Sew
I chose the classic Black and White chevron (because I am obsessed with anything chevron lately) But there are many other fun designs you can choose from! Every girl deserves a little style in her camera!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

orange crush

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Sunday, October 14, 2012


shirt c/o sugarlips, shorts: Target, tights: Aldo, shoes: Charlotte Russe

A classic black and white look can never do you any wrong. Although this fall, jewel tones are topping the trends don't you forget about about those basic colors too. SurgarLips sent me this color blocked inspired blouse and I just can not get enough of it. The waterfall hem paired with the studs on the collar just adds a little flare to the blouse which makes it all the more versatile. I chose to pair the shirt with these wonderful leather shorts that I found at Target and add the lace tights for some extra warmth at night. I recommend this shirt as a winter staple due to its heavy weight and long sleeves. Just dress it up and leave that jacket at home!

**Purchase your very own The Western Consultant Top here**

Happy Monday loves!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

chevron love -

vest: F21 here, boots: Steve Madden (tj maxx) similar here, dress c/o

If you have not heard of you have probably been living under a rock. So go click here right now and browse around and pick out your favs items and your cart will be full in minutes, promise! I was lucky to have send me this fabulous  Signature Schulz Striped Beige Dress  just in time for Arizona fall. Chevron anything | my absolute favorite these past months. When I saw the classic cream and black stripes I knew I could dress it up with tights, heels and a bun or wear it daily with the denim vest and combat boots. This season almost anything can fly as far as fashion so add this dress to your wardrobe and pair it with whatever your little heart desires! If you see something you like buy buy buy because these hot items go quick!!

**The Signature Schulz Striped Beige Dress is sold out but you can purchase this similar one!
You will receive a 15% discount at by using the code CLASSIC when checking out! It is available site wide 10/15-10/18!

we are talking make-up

I have discovered a new obsession over the summer, well maybe not new but more educated obsession which is none other than makeup! For my birthday in July I went and got a make over done at MAC and loved my MAC artist so much I went back to her for a fall make over too! I am excited to share with you some of my favorite products that I use on a daily basis. Looks like a lot, I know!
I learned the importance of brushes in these past two make overs and boy does it play a difference. 1st thing, you need to clean your brushes (not with soap and water, but with actual brush cleaner) I mean if we are paying $40 a brush we should make them last! Here are my daily brushes
1. 208 angled brow brush - I use this brush to help fill in my eye brows just a little. Also good for smudging your eye lines on your top lashes if you are looking for a more natural line instead a perfect solid line.
2. 213 fluff brush - I use this tool to help add eye shadow to my crease. I love this one because it blends as it adds color.
3. 217 blending brush - although this is called the blending brush I use it for my primer, my concealer, and my bright lid shadows! This is my most versatile brush I use with at least 3 different times with 3 different products in my act of getting ready. If you are looking for a do it all brush I suggest!
4. 129 powder / blush brush - I use this brush to apply my bronzer and my blush
5. 150 large powder brush - I use this large fluffy brush to apply my powder
1. lightful moisture cream - This has become my all time favorite! I have fair skin, and I get sun damage easily (freckles, spots, brown colored areas) and this cream has helped so much. Full of vitamin C, the moisturizer helps lighten your skin to give it an airbrushed look. I swear by it!
2. strobe cream - This is a cream that you apply to your skin that give it an iridescent glow. Not as much of a glow like a high lighter, but perfect for the fall season. You skin gets an angelic feeling. You apply after your moisturizer and before your powder!
1. studio fix NC35 powder - applied with my powder brush all over face and neck - nice and light!
2. mineralize skinfinish natural in give me sun - This is not really my color, but I have so much left that I didn't want to waste it. The color is a little too orange for my skin. BUT no fear my artist taught me how to still put it to good use. If you have a color that is too dark for you apply very lightly right under your cheek bone. using your blush brush, feel right under the cheek bone and lightly dust. Since it is fall we don't want to look too bronze so gentle drag your brush by your hairline to the top of your forehead.
3. powder blush in dolly mix - applied with blush brush just on cheek bone down into the meaty part of your cheek.
4. stila - perfect concealer -  using the multi purpose blending brush, apply before powder but after moisturizer. apply under eyes, and along the sides of your nose, and anywhere else you have a blemish to be covered.
1. paint pot: rubenesque - This is fabulous! Using the all purpose blending brush you apply all over your eye lid. If is a primer you can add shadows on top of or just wear it alone. Both look great. during the day or if I am feeling lady I will wear this alone. When doing it up a little more I add some shadow. 
2. mineralize eye shadow: magnetic attraction - these fun colors are great for the transition from summer to fall or winter to spring. They are a little brighter but they are perfect to add a little spice of color to your look.
3. eye shadow: espresso - using my fluff brush I apply this shadow to my crease to give a dark brown color to mix with the pinks and oranges from the paint pot and mineralize eye shadow!
4. eye shadow: kid - using the angled brow brush I apply this eye shadow to fill in my brows.
1. lip stick: cream d'nude - a great natural color that still gives your lips great color
2. dazzleglass: natural talent (limited addition) - has a pretty gold shimmer to the gloss that allows your lips to sparkle. 
4. creamstick liner: sublime culture - to avoid the 90's lip liner look fill in your lips with the liner then apply the lip stick and then top it off with the gloss!
3. diorshow: mascara - talk about having fake lashes? This stuff is amaze!

There you have it! My make up routine every morning. It seems like a lot, and you don't have to apply a full face daily but if you want too it is always fun! A great thing about mac if you are not aware is the recycle program. for ever 6 empty containers you have you can take them in and get a free lip stick, gloss or eye shadow! It will take you a while to use up your products but don't throw them away!!

Happy Thursday, hope I answered some questions I have been getting in emails and showed you some new tricks!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

fellin' girly pins

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

therapy is photos

I wanted to talk about something personal today. I am not usually very good at putting my thoughts into words on paper but I will give it a shot. Some of you are aware that I struggle with anxiety badly. It started in 2009 and has progressively gotten worse as the years have passed. The year my anxiety started was just after graduating from college, my family move away from me in Arizona up to Canada, and I moved to Hollywood, California for a few months. At first I thought it was all the sudden changes in my life, but even after leaving California and coming back to Phoenix my anxiety stayed and even got worse. I have not seen any professional help for the anxiety because I am not one to take medicine (unless absolutely needed) so I needed to find other ways to handle this feeling. In 2010 I took up running. For all of your runners out there, you will know exactly what I am taking about when I say it changed my life. It really did. I would run and run and when finished I would feel like a whole new person. I started running half marathons but that took the fun out of things, and I was loosing too much weight so I had to split my therapy with running and something else. You guessed it, my photography! Not portraits, or paid sessions, or for my blog... MY photography just for me! It allows me to escape "real" life for a few hours and indulge into a creative stimulation that allows me to release all the tension and tight feeling in my chest. I haven't shared my photos in a while so I wanted to today. These are photos I took in an old barn at my grandfather house this past summer, I was waiting for the perfect time to share them, and today just seemed it. Maybe it was the anxiety I have been feeling since being back in Arizona, and I already ran once a day since being home so I am turning to photography to spice it up. 
Do any of you deal with a high case of anxiety? If so share what you do to help be your "therapy".
Monday, October 8, 2012


Happy Monday!! Super excited to be back in the blog world and re-connecting with all of you fabulous ladies (and gentlemen). I have a great giveaway for you today hope you enjoy....
jeans & shirts: Francescas, purse:F21, boots: LA fashion district

Are you just not so obsessed with these hand painted earrings? When I came across A Rainy Afternoon on etsy I stalked her shop for probably a good hour. I love stud earrings, long dangles usually end up heating my ears so I usually stick to beautiful studs like the ones above. Here is a little about Stephanie and her shop:

"My shop title is a small indicator of how it all began. On one gloomy rainy afternoon I was stuck inside and decided that I wanted to make a pair of earrings. Since my room was already bombarded with craft supplies, I grabbed everything that I thought might work and began crafting. Right then and there it was my goal to open up a shop on Etsy, and it's been more amazing that I ever thought it would be. In my shop you will find bright pops of color and intricate hand-drawn patterns, as well as minimalism and everyday wearability. I like to take what's 'trendy' and put my own spin on it, always remembering to kiss (keep it simple, stupid) ;)"

Make sure you enter the giveaway and win a pair from Stephanie's shop!