Thursday, October 11, 2012

we are talking make-up

I have discovered a new obsession over the summer, well maybe not new but more educated obsession which is none other than makeup! For my birthday in July I went and got a make over done at MAC and loved my MAC artist so much I went back to her for a fall make over too! I am excited to share with you some of my favorite products that I use on a daily basis. Looks like a lot, I know!
I learned the importance of brushes in these past two make overs and boy does it play a difference. 1st thing, you need to clean your brushes (not with soap and water, but with actual brush cleaner) I mean if we are paying $40 a brush we should make them last! Here are my daily brushes
1. 208 angled brow brush - I use this brush to help fill in my eye brows just a little. Also good for smudging your eye lines on your top lashes if you are looking for a more natural line instead a perfect solid line.
2. 213 fluff brush - I use this tool to help add eye shadow to my crease. I love this one because it blends as it adds color.
3. 217 blending brush - although this is called the blending brush I use it for my primer, my concealer, and my bright lid shadows! This is my most versatile brush I use with at least 3 different times with 3 different products in my act of getting ready. If you are looking for a do it all brush I suggest!
4. 129 powder / blush brush - I use this brush to apply my bronzer and my blush
5. 150 large powder brush - I use this large fluffy brush to apply my powder
1. lightful moisture cream - This has become my all time favorite! I have fair skin, and I get sun damage easily (freckles, spots, brown colored areas) and this cream has helped so much. Full of vitamin C, the moisturizer helps lighten your skin to give it an airbrushed look. I swear by it!
2. strobe cream - This is a cream that you apply to your skin that give it an iridescent glow. Not as much of a glow like a high lighter, but perfect for the fall season. You skin gets an angelic feeling. You apply after your moisturizer and before your powder!
1. studio fix NC35 powder - applied with my powder brush all over face and neck - nice and light!
2. mineralize skinfinish natural in give me sun - This is not really my color, but I have so much left that I didn't want to waste it. The color is a little too orange for my skin. BUT no fear my artist taught me how to still put it to good use. If you have a color that is too dark for you apply very lightly right under your cheek bone. using your blush brush, feel right under the cheek bone and lightly dust. Since it is fall we don't want to look too bronze so gentle drag your brush by your hairline to the top of your forehead.
3. powder blush in dolly mix - applied with blush brush just on cheek bone down into the meaty part of your cheek.
4. stila - perfect concealer -  using the multi purpose blending brush, apply before powder but after moisturizer. apply under eyes, and along the sides of your nose, and anywhere else you have a blemish to be covered.
1. paint pot: rubenesque - This is fabulous! Using the all purpose blending brush you apply all over your eye lid. If is a primer you can add shadows on top of or just wear it alone. Both look great. during the day or if I am feeling lady I will wear this alone. When doing it up a little more I add some shadow. 
2. mineralize eye shadow: magnetic attraction - these fun colors are great for the transition from summer to fall or winter to spring. They are a little brighter but they are perfect to add a little spice of color to your look.
3. eye shadow: espresso - using my fluff brush I apply this shadow to my crease to give a dark brown color to mix with the pinks and oranges from the paint pot and mineralize eye shadow!
4. eye shadow: kid - using the angled brow brush I apply this eye shadow to fill in my brows.
1. lip stick: cream d'nude - a great natural color that still gives your lips great color
2. dazzleglass: natural talent (limited addition) - has a pretty gold shimmer to the gloss that allows your lips to sparkle. 
4. creamstick liner: sublime culture - to avoid the 90's lip liner look fill in your lips with the liner then apply the lip stick and then top it off with the gloss!
3. diorshow: mascara - talk about having fake lashes? This stuff is amaze!

There you have it! My make up routine every morning. It seems like a lot, and you don't have to apply a full face daily but if you want too it is always fun! A great thing about mac if you are not aware is the recycle program. for ever 6 empty containers you have you can take them in and get a free lip stick, gloss or eye shadow! It will take you a while to use up your products but don't throw them away!!

Happy Thursday, hope I answered some questions I have been getting in emails and showed you some new tricks!



Because Shanna Said So said...

Okay, I need this lightening cream!!! Thanks for sharing. I have the same issues too! Girl, your make up collection is like my shoe collection and I LOVE it! Love you!!! When are we gonna chat again???

Emily Beth said...

Totally loving your blog! Newest follower!

xo Emily

zhanna said...

Thank you for sharing. It reminds me that I need to go buy myself some new fall pieces!

Unknown said...

Whoa girl - you should buy stock in MAC! haha. I love hearing about other people's makeup routines and what works for them, though! I'll have to give a few of these products a try!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Thanks for sharing your makeup routine with us lady!

viv said...

I love learning other people's makeup routines. Newest follower!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Yay for makeup! Dior Show is my fave splurge :)

Unknown said...

This post makes me happy! I love makeup + especially MAC makeup. Your collection is seriously impressive!! I love the strobe cream + the mineralize finish but I think mine's a little different..its super sparkly! Thanks for sharing wonder your makeup always looks amazing :) xo

Elizabeth // The Now said...

Amazing! Amazing!!! Thanks for all the great tips!!!! I used to use Dior Show...and I am thinking I need to go back to it! xoxo

Unknown said...

everyone i know that is really amazing at makeup swears by mac brushes!

Fancy {No}Pants

Blondie's Journal said...

I love getting my make up done professionally...especially at Macy's in downtown Chicago, such experts there! Love MAC, too. My SIL in Canada is a make up artist and it's the only stuff she uses. I like a variety of products though, whatever I believe works for me. I was wondering about the make up you mentioned that gives you a glow. Does it disappear after you put powder over it? I was never sure what step it was. Great post!


nancy @ adore to adorn said...

Totally love makeup. I have too much and can't finish all of it! So I put myself on a "ban" so I have to finish what I have. =)

I did realize that once I got better at makeup, it didn't take me nearly as long in the morning to get ready! =)


Lily Marek said...

Love this post! I'm kind of a makeup junky too - love seeing your favorite products!

Natalie Loves Beauty said...

I want to try everything here haha! Looks like some amazing products! I better start saving up! ;)

Unknown said...

I swear by Diorshow. I can't imagine wearing anything else!